Your email marketing isn’t broken. But it can be better.

Businesses have been using email as part of their marketing efforts for a long time. So, it’s easy to ignore and keep doing what you’ve always been doing — because, it’s just email. But the truth is, there’s more opportunity in this workhorse channel than you might think. With Adobe Campaign, you can make your emails better, more personalised and more profitable.

Take your email marketing from good to great.

Everyone uses email. But not everyone knows how to really use email.

See if this sounds familiar. You keep running into problems like siloed email data, clunky email delivery, optimisation trouble and an inability to incorporate your email into a true cross-channel experience. While research frequently shows that email performs better than its newer, flashier counterparts, many companies seem to struggle with investing in the granddaddy of digital channels. This is the 21st century, right?

But the truth is, good email marketing today looks a lot different than it did twenty years ago. With the right data, you can understand the context of how, where and when your customers will open your message, so you can make it truly relevant. With the right tools, you can make it beautiful and well-designed, so it’s not only useful, but looks good from one screen to another. Of course, all that sounds a lot easier to say than it is to do.

Or maybe not.

Adobe can help.

Yes. Email can be better. We think great email marketing is built on insight shared across the whole marketing organisation. Emails should be simple to create and easy to deliver. And an email service provider should give you the flexibility to test, refine and improve every message you send. To us, there's no reason your customers shouldn't be excited to open an email from you.

Adobe Campaign helps you to build customer profiles from data gathered across all of your channels. With this profile, you can orchestrate campaigns across online channels like email, web and mobile, as well as off-line channels like direct mail and call centres. By connecting all of your marketing channels, you’re able to customise the different journey each customer will take in the way that will make sense to them. With this kind of attention to their needs, you’ll increase engagement and loyalty.

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