Adobe Experience Platform Segmentation

Flexible customer segmentation for real-time action.

Build and automatically maintain audience segments based on real-time customer profiles using Experience Platform's customer segmentation tools.



Powerful, central segmentation
Build segments and generate audiences from your Real-time Customer Profile data using audience segmentation tools — and maintain it all in Experience Platform.

Simple opt-out requests
Empower your customers to send opt-out requests regarding their personal data, so you can easily honor them as you generate audiences.

Multi-entity segmentation
Get the most out of all your data sources by extending your profile data with additional product, store, or non-profile class data.

Streaming segmentation
Instantly evaluate your segment rules as data moves into Experience Platform and keep your segments up to date automatically.


Tutorials for Experience Platform Segmentation

Create segments
Learn how to use the segment builder tool in Platform.

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Create dynamic segments
Learn how to create dynamic segments to solve your scalability problems.

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Segmentation across classes
Learn how to perform multi-entity segmentation.

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