How Adobe Experience Platform Enables Effective Customer Experience Management

Digital technology is in a state of constant evolution, where change is the new normal. Every consumer has come to expect organisations to respond to the subtleties of their unique digital interactions with engaging, beautiful and personalised experiences.

To succeed in today’s digital-first world, organisations are left with little choice but to transform the way they deliver customer experiences.

In 2017, The Economist controversially reported that data had overtaken oil as the world’s most profitable commodity. Whether or not you subscribe to this comparison, most would agree that just as oil fueled previous millennia, data is the lifeblood of the future.

This data is made up of billions of unique signals that are emitted every single time a consumer digitally interacts with a brand. But just like examining a jumble of jigsaw pieces will not reveal the completed puzzle, examining an unstructured set of data signals does little to reveal precise consumer intentions.

When these signals are composed into a coherent pattern, however, they can create a detail-rich digital self-portrait of the wants, needs, and even the mood of the consumer at each point of interaction. This in-depth understanding of the customer lets brands hyper-personalise experiences that will meet and hopefully exceed expectations.

Traditional customer data platforms (CDPs) have collated masses of data signals and assembled them into actionable opportunities. However, the more data collected, the harder it is to action – the more pieces to a jigsaw puzzle, the more difficult it is to complete.

To empower brands to meet the demands of the modern connected consumer at scale, the CDP has to evolve. Enter the real-time customer data platform, built on Adobe Experience Platform, which makes effective customer experience management (CXM) a reality.

By applying the best features of CDP and data-management platform (DMP) technologies, Adobe has developed a new wave of applications that empower organisations to effectively manage customer experience across channels, with one touchpoint complementing the next.

A real-time CDP

The real-time CDP built on Adobe Experience Platform is virtually unrestricted in terms of the raw data signals and consumer events it can collect. What’s more, it does this agnostically from any source including mobile, email and website. Once this data is collated into a coherent data schema, companies can apply artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, thanks to Adobe Sensei, in real-time – running models to identify trends, propensities, cohorts and causalities – making it easier to understand consumer intent.

Algorithms can perform incredibly detailed and complex analysis, automatically identifying audience segments or journeys of significance. Insights that would take data scientists days of analysis are surfaced in milliseconds, in an “always-on” continuation.

Adobe Experience Platform powers Adobe Experience Cloud

The Adobe real-time CDP can push these decisions and insights to an array of experience execution tools. Experience delivery is still the role of channel-specific applications such as Adobe Experience Manager – the industry leading content and digital asset management system – as well as Adobe Advertising Cloud, Adobe Campaign and Marketo Engage for marketing automation, personalization, and cross-channel campaign orchestration and management.

To deliver the right experience to the right consumer, the system needs to be able to identify an individual accurately. Adobe Experience Platform brings together multiple customer identifiers across anonymous, pseudo-anonymous and identified environments into a dynamic and real-time customer profile using identity resolution and graph management technologies. This feature creates a centralised and holistic customer profile for identification.

Data privacy and compliance

With this degree of decision-making and identification, privacy and compliance management are critical. At its core, Adobe Experience Platform has embraced consumer privacy, adhering to current policy and standards requirements. With the ability to apply data compliance rules at the most granular level, a data points of a sensitive nature, such as “income=high_net_worth,” can be completely restricted from actionability, and this can be applied across an entire data set.

Adobe Experience Platform is built to scale with an organisation as it grows because it’s build with XDM, an agnostic open source data mark-up language. This ensures it can integrate with any modern data system.

The real-time CDP built on Adobe Experience Platform, fueled by the lifeblood of data, can harness the full power of an organisation’s digital interactions with its customers, to create rich mosaics of consumer intent. Companies adopting the Adobe Experience Platform will lead in the new digital economy and excel in executing amazing customer experiences.

The best part? All of this happens in real time – less than 100 milliseconds from consumer action to decision and experience delivery. With Adobe Experience Platform companies can create Intelligent, relevant and engaging experiences based on up to date and accurate consumer profiles. Learn more.