Scaling up trust in the digital economy

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The pandemic has opened a new chapter of trust between consumers and brands. The digital economy has accelerated the need for deep respect for consumer preferences and the ability to meet changing brand experience expectations.

The Adobe Trust Report 2022: APAC shows the importance of responsible use of data to the trust equation. And how there is ongoing work to prove to consumers that they will gain value in return for their data.

While customer data provides the foundation for unlocking and meeting consumer preferences, the research confirms that what you do with it matters. The research shows that technology-driven personalisation is a trust amplifier in the eyes of consumers, the same view they hold for relevant and timely content.

Where many consumers consider digital experiences more crucial to building trust than in-person, it’s also telling that most consumers say artificial intelligence (AI) can enhance their brand experiences now and in the future.

Stat from the Adobe Trust Report 2022: APAC - "74% of consumers said that if they experience 'bad personalisation', it can damage their trust in a brand, and 40% said it could cause significant damage.

Personalisation can be a double-edged sword

One of the recurring themes across the report findings is the challenges and opportunities to deliver personalised experiences to customers. Consumers were clear in their demands for valuable personal experiences.

As Santosh Vuppala, Head of Analytics and Insights at Titan, explains, “With the right personalisation solution, we can operate very efficiently with the capability to analyse performance and take immediate actions quickly. As a result, we’re continuously improving engagement (and revenue) with millions of our customers.”

However, across the region, delivering personalisation was also noted by many APAC leaders as a reason why trust had become harder to earn over recent years

Quote from Santosh Vuppala, head of analytics and insights at Titan: "We've optimised our data and insights to deliver content to the right people at the right time, enabling us to build long-lasting trust and engagement with our customers."

That may be because if personalisation is delivered poorly, brands can face material consequences. 74 percent of consumers said that if they experience ‘bad personalisation’, it can damage their trust in a brand, and 40 percent said it could cause significant damage.

The right content at the right time

The power of great, creative content to boost trust is recognised by 74 percent of APAC consumers, and many say it shows that a brand cares about them. More consumers believe that relevant content delivered at the ‘right time’ increases trust.

As Santosh also points out, there are tangible links between strong execution from a personalisation and content perspective and engagement.

“Our loyalty program with a sizeable base helps us understand our customers and personalise our customer experience,” says Santosh. “We’ve optimised our data and insights to deliver content to the right person at the right time, enabling us to build long-lasting trust and engagement with our customers.

“We have moved from a spray and pray approach to micro-level targeted, focused campaigns and developed more targeted use cases with relevant messages for our customers. As a result, our email open rates increased significantly.”

‘Smart’ use of Artificial Intelligence

And finally, when it comes to the use of AI in delivering customer experiences, there is a sharp disconnect in the sentiments of brand leaders and consumers.

87 percent of APAC consumers trust AI to make their digital experience more valuable today. However, utilising AI to enhance the value of the consumer journey is a top operational priority for only 12 percent of APAC brands - demonstrating the untapped opportunity for brand leaders to design and deliver digital experience enhancements through AI.

Using data responsibility and harnessing the power of AI to deliver relevant content can increase trust throughout the digital experience. Consumers expect technology-driven personalisation and flawless execution and will reward brands that get it right.

Get a full copy of the Adobe Trust Report 2022: APAC report here.