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Commvault creates marketing centre of excellence with Adobe Marketo Engage to run 1,800+ campaigns a year.




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Understand what drives engagement with leads, particularly for key accounts

Engage leads with targeted messaging delivered at the right time

Pass on quality sales leads that are fully engaged and known

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Reduce time needed to build a campaign by 78% using integrated marketing workflows created using Marketo Engage and Workfront

Scale customer engagement to run 150+ programmes per month with a marketing centre of excellence

Accurately measure attribution across touchpoints to optimise campaigns and marketing spend

Gather customer intelligence into one hub for a more accurate view of customers

Commvault is a global leader in enterprise data management software. The company delivers cloud and on-premise environments for some of the world’s top organisations. When Luis Marini joined the marketing automation team at Commvault several years ago, he knew just how crucial data was to engaging Commvault customers.

“As a company, we know the importance of data,” says Marini, senior manager of marketing automation at Commvault. “So, when I joined Commvault, the question was, how can we use the data that we have to give us an even bigger advantage when keeping in touch to customers and target key accounts to support pipeline and revenue goals?”

To support business growth plans that included an expanded product portfolio, Commvault needed to bring a high level of innovation, automation and efficiency to marketing. The team needed to replace its existing marketing system, which was struggling to meet the demands at the time, with a best-of-breed marketing automation solution that could support their future. One capable of providing visibility into customer interest across Commvault’s growing product offering and engaging customers with individualised messaging based on that interest.

At Marini’s recommendation, Commvault evaluated Adobe Marketo Engage as a replacement for Eloqua and quickly showed the value in switching. With advanced features such as smart lists, dynamic automation and strong analytic models, Marini knew that Marketo Engage was the right marketing automation solution to bring Commvault’s marketing to the next level. Additional benefits such as turn-key integrations to more than 550 integration partners, best practices shared through an active community and opt-in and opt-out capabilities that empower Commvault to comply with expanding privacy mandates also made Marketo Engage the ideal solution to create a centralised marketing automation centre of excellence.

“Marketo Engage is more than just an email tool,” says Marini. “It’s a full-fledged marketing automation hub that enables us to scale marketing automation and deliver valuable interactions throughout the customer lifecycle.”

Fast implementation, seamless transition

The Commvault team brought Marketo Engage online in just 25 days. The effort included integrating Marketo Engage with the company’s customer relationship management system and webinar partners, as well as porting landing pages, nurture programmes, web forms and campaigns from the previous solution.

“Marketo Engage is more than just an email tool. It’s a full-fledged marketing automation hub that enables us to scale marketing automation and deliver valuable interactions throughout the customer lifecycle.”

Luis Marini

Senior Manager of Marketing Automation, Commvault

Building a centre of marketing excellence with Marketo Engage and Workfront

In the years since he joined Commvault, Marini has built a centre of excellence for marketing automation with Marketo Engage at the core. The marketing automation team works closely with teams across Commvault to build out nurture programmes, segment audiences and develop an engaging journey throughout the customer lifecycle. Integrations with Salesforce CRM, Adobe Workfront and other solutions allows Commvault to develop fully automated workflows and effectively scale marketing, lead gen and communications globally with a marketing automation team of four.

“Data integrity is one of the most critical points for any marketing automation strategy,” says Marini. “We have to know that our data is accurate and complete before passing along leads to sales. Integrating our solutions together and creating a central flow of information through Marketo Engage helps us to keep data clean and create more effective interactions.”

When a team at Commvault wants to start a new marketing campaign or programme, the marketing automation team first creates a new project in Workfront. Workfront automatically instructs Marketo Engage to clone a related programme based on the type of project selected, whether it’s plans for a newsletter, upcoming webinar or email campaign. Once cloned, Marketo Engage provides the link to the new programme so that the marketing automation team can quickly make required changes.

With the integrated workflows running through the centre of excellence, it takes just 20 minutes to build out a campaign. This saves marketers more than an hour per campaign, as building out a campaign with their old system could take 90 minutes or more. The team uses this time savings to put more effort into testing and polishing campaigns to achieve stronger engagement. The programmes are also much more consistent, as the centre of excellence can take advantage of the centralised templates, data and processes to deliver higher quality results.

“With all programmes running through our centre of excellence, we can keep programmes clean, organised and repeatable to deliver faster, higher-quality service for teams across Commvault,” says Marini. “Taking advantage of the powerful automation of Marketo Engage, plus the integration to Workfront, we can create cloneable programmes to scale customer engagement and support global efforts with a small team.”

“Taking advantage of the powerful automation of Marketo Engage, plus the integration to Workfront, we can create cloneable programmes to scale customer engagement and support global efforts with a small team.”

Luis Marini

Senior Manager of Marketing Automation, Commvault

Measuring returns on marketing

Working with intelligent campaigns in Marketo Engage, Marini and his team are better able to build and optimise the full customer journey. Smart lists define audiences to create more targeted communications and personalised experiences for customers and leads. If a potential lead participates in a webinar about ransomware recovery, they are automatically added to a nurture programme for ransomware protection and recovery solutions. Marketo Engage uses all customer behaviours, such as email opens, website visits or chat participation, to measure intent signals. The Adobe Marketo Measure (formerly Bizible) touchpoint analysis helps to determine the impact of different signals and accurately attribute success steps for each campaign.

Using a combination of first-party scoring models and third-party intent signals, Marketo Engage will automatically adjust engagement throughout the lead lifecycle. If a lead is highly engaged, Marketo Engage will quickly accelerate the lifecycle and pass the lead from the nurture awareness to awareness and accreditation programmes until finally reaching sales. Since Commvault started working with Marketo Engage, the marketing team has delivered more than 15,000 programmes with over 1,700 global active trigger campaigns.

Dashboards provide a clear look at how programmes are affecting the pipeline, allowing the marketing team to spot campaigns and tactics that are producing stronger engagement and movement through the lead cycle. Marketo Measure reports provide even more granular insight into performance. It not only measures performance of specific content across campaigns but also calculates performance for campaigns across channels. This data allows the marketing team to quickly determine precise ROI to show how marketing contributes to sales opportunities.

“Working through Marketo Engage, we can create an automated feedback loop where we’re engaging with leads, measuring engagement and adjusting communications based on interest level,” says Marini. “Marketo Measure attribution insights helps us make better marketing decisions by providing us with ROI on all of our campaigns, channels and content. We’re running an average of 150 programmes per month because we can rely on Marketo Engage to provide dynamic engagement to move leads through the sales cycle.”

“Marketo Measure attribution insights helps us make better marketing decisions by providing us with ROI on all of our campaigns, channels and content.”

Luis Marini

Senior Manager of Marketing Automation, Commvault

Evolving personalisation in the post-pandemic age

Like many companies, Commvault had to change the way it interacted with customers during the COVID-19 pandemic. With in-person meetings and events off the table, Commvault relied even more on its digital marketing channels to connect with customers through newsletters, webinars and video. Marini worked with Marketo Engage to make the most out of the centralised data and understand the new and fast-changing needs of customers as workforces switched to remote operations.

The pandemic emphasised the importance of having a central hub of data to accurately understand existing and potential customers. Marini plans to expand use of data and smart lists to create hyper-personalisation. Whether providing highly targeted email messaging or building personalised landing pages with dynamic content, the goal is to create more engagement opportunities through existing channels.

“Marketo Engage is a critical part of our marketing technology strategy,” says Marini. “It gives us the tools and data we need to provide a better experience and customer journey for all of our leads.”

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