A refreshing take on selling home electronics.

COURTS Asia used Adobe Commerce Cloud to revitalise their shops and realise the potential of omnichannel retailing.






online revenue


Expand capacity for high-demand events like Cyber Monday.

Boost marketing capabilities and streamline checkout.

Improve customer experience, efficiency and profitability. 


41% increase in online revenue

92% increase in page views

52% increase in mobile transactions

51% year-over-year growth in organic traffic

“The COURTS online relaunch was timed strategically around key retail events of the year such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Powered by the new platform, online sales for both events grew almost 100 per cent year-on-year. Engaging with the right partners has proven to be pivotal to our e-commerce growth this year.”


Stan Kim
Group Chief Information Officer, COURTS Asia 

A fast, flexible refit for a top Southeast Asia brand.

COURTS Asia Limited is Southeast Asia’s leading electrical, IT and furniture retailer. Their 80 physical shops spun 1.6 million square feet of retail space, where shoppers can browse fridges, sofas and flat screen televisions. Headquartered in Singapore since 1974, the brand enjoys a loyal following both in-store and online — a problem during Cyber Monday and other peak periods, when heavy traffic crippled their e-commerce website. To coincide with the refurbishment of their physical shops, COURTS Asia planned to relaunch a more robust online store — to build a stronger brand connection with their customers. They aimed to boost their marketing capabilities and improve their checkout and user experience across all channels, while boosting profits and increasing overall efficiency.

It took a year of research and redesign for COURTS Asia to create their in-store experience and omnichannel customer journey. Together with their solution partner, SmartOSC, they decided that the perfect platform for the job was Adobe Commerce Cloud. The enterprise-level solution offers a large collection of prebuilt functionality and high-quality extensions, perfect for a business with lots of moving parts. Stan Kim, Group Chief Information Officer at COURTS Asia, said, “Adobe Commerce Cloud is the right choice for us. It allows fast and scalable development. Thanks to its modern architecture, it focuses on flexibility and the platform makes our complex project simple.”

“COURTS will continue strengthening its back-end infrastructure to offer customers the seamless online-to-off-line experience they expect from best-in-class retailers. Our ambition is to grow online sales to 10-15 per cent of the business in five years time.”


Stan Kim
Group Chief Information Officer, COURTS Asia 

A smooth path to migration and integration.

COURTS Asia found it simple to integrate their email service, in-store customer information and business systems into Adobe Commerce Cloud. Migrating their Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP was a major part of the process, exporting product inventory, price data, customer information and store data to the new platform. Next, the team started work uniting COURTS Asia’s online and off-line shopping experiences.

A click-and-collect system empowers customers to buy the perfect home audio system or armchair, then pick-up in-store — increasing valuable foot traffic. With customer information synced across all touchpoints, the customer service, fulfillment and marketing teams can meet customer needs end to end. Naturally, the new online store is mobile optimised, utilising responsive Adobe Commerce Cloud themes to create design consistency across each screen size, while maintaining ease of use and full functionality.

As part of their push to increase promotion for their store, COURTS Asia can now launch dynamic email marketing campaigns. They selected the Emarsys marketing automation platform to co-ordinate different marketing channels including email, social media, SMS, mobile and web. Now, they can send personalised offers and introduce promotional coupons, product bundling, free delivery thresholds and e-gift cards.

No longer would their store crumble under the weight of holiday shoppers. The new system architecture was designed and built to optimise performance, all the year round. Varnish, an HTTP accelerator, alleviates unnecessary traffic to the database, using full-page caching on read-heavy pages including the homepage and other landing pages. The system also leverages a CDN to offload media files and static assets, resulting in a smoother, more consistent experience.

Impressive results.

The migration process was extensive, owing to the scale of the COURTS Asia store and their established customer base. SmartOSC migrated their data using Adobe Commerce Cloud’s data migration tool, which was quick and easy and ensured no disruptions. One of their major concerns was their SEO traffic. With Adobe Commerce Cloud, everything from meta descriptions and keywords to clear URLs and breadcrumb links are easily accessed and changed to help improve the overall ranking of the website. Due to the nature of the new site’s structure and successful SEO migration, COURTS Asia actually enjoyed a 51 per cent increase in Google Organic traffic growth year-on-year.

Kim added, “Powered by the new platform, online sales for Black Friday and Cyber Monday grew almost 100 per cent year-on-year. Engaging with the right partners has proven to be pivotal to our e-commerce growth this year.” And that’s not all. Mobile traffic has shown strong uplift of 74 per cent year-on-year, leading to an 11 per cent growth in conversion rate. Mobile transactions rose by 52 per cent and average order value jumped up 17 per cent. Due to the combination of their mobile-first approach, new marketing campaigns and omnichannel capabilities, COURTS Asia delivered an astonishing 41 per cent growth in online revenue and a 52 per cent increase in mobile transactions.

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