The Definitive Guide to Account-Based Marketing

About the Guide

Account-based marketing is a focused approach to B2B marketing in which marketing and sales teams work together to target best-fit accounts and turn them into customers. It's no longer optional for marketing and sales teams to work separately. Today, 97% of marketers achieved a higher ROI by incorporating ABM than with any other marketing initiative, according to Alterra Group.

While ABM is not a new way to strategically market to target accounts, it has evolved into a scalable, achievable strategy that organisations of all sizes can implement to focus on whole lifecycle marketing for key accounts. Modern ABM solutions give marketers the ability to provide a superior account-based experience (ABX) to leads and contacts associated with accounts by automatically delivering relevant messages cross-channel.

Today's buyers demand personalised content and engagement and customer experience can quickly set you apart in the mix of competitors. The ABM we practise today is entirely different than the manual processes of days past. Implementing an ABM strategy doesn't have to mean an astronomical investment, but it does mean increased revenue, focus and partnership within your organisation. ABM works and it's not going anywhere. With the right tools and an understanding of how to implement an ABM strategy that works for you, you can create a better and more personalised experience for your buyers and reap the benefits for your business.

What's in the guide?

Account-based marketing combines your two most valuable assets to your bottom line—marketing and sales. With their expertise combined and optimised, you'll be set for success.

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