The Definitive Guide to Social Media Marketing

About the Guide

How social media marketing can benefit you

The impact of social media transcends almost every aspect of our daily lives—work, politics, breaking news and more. Activity is higher than ever before and it's almost universally used by brands to engage with buyers across the entire customer lifecycle. Having a presence on social media channels is no longer optional for brands; it's expected.

Social media marketing provides marketers with a more efficient, effective and cost-effective method to engage with fans, customers, prospects and partners across all channels. According to data from Pew Research, more than 76% of U.S. adults engage on social media platforms. Brands need to be where their audience is—and that's on social media.

With a strategic approach and the right tools, marketers can choose the best social platforms for their brand and efficiently distribute relevant, measurable content across channels. A solid social media strategy helps guide buyers further along the customer lifecycle—and ultimately brings more revenue to the table.

What's in the guide?

Not sure where to start? Download this comprehensive resource to get checklists, worksheets, advice from thought leaders and examples to help marketers at any level create and implement an effective social media marketing strategy.