Hybrid Growth Factor

About the Guide

Blending B2B and B2C is good for business

If you’re a B2C businesses breaking into the world of B2B commerce, you should understand it involves different selling motions, processes and infrastructure. But, it’s completely doable and the payoff from new revenue streams can be considerable.

This eBook highlights three companies which upgraded to a hybrid eCommerce business model using the flexibility of Adobe Commerce. Learn why they made the transition, how they went about it and what the results were.

  • HP Inc.
    The information technology leader bridged online and in-store experiences based around their 3D printer business across five countries
  • Steelcase
    This office furniture manufacturer implemented customisable product catalogues and “punch-out” support for eProcurement systems like SAP and Ariba
  • A Little Lovely Company
    Unified inventory management for their line of children’s home room, selling online and in-store while growing wholesale channels

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