Your Marketing Automation Toolkit 

The Marketing Automation Toolkit series is a set of exclusive videos, featuring Marketo Engage experts, The Automation Geeks.


Grace and Josh of The Automation Geeks are sharing their adept knowledge and providing tips and tricks on how to use Marketo Engage to its full potential. You’ll learn how to optimise your marketing campaigns, score leads, and generate insights from your data.

Who are The Automation Geeks?

Grace Brebner and Josh Pickles are The Automation Geeks. They are Marketo Certified Experts and have both been selected (multiple times!) to be part of the Adobe Marketo Engage Champions program. They are passionate about marketing automation and love helping businesses reach their marketing goals.


The Automation Geeks' YouTube channel has allowed them to share their knowledge with the wider community of marketing automation geeks and professionals.


Lead Generation

If you're looking for tips on how to generate leads, you've come to the right place! In episode 1 The Automation Geeks, will share their best tips on how to use Marketo Engage to achieve this:

  • Create landing pages with messages that resonate ​
  • Optimise your SEO and SEM strategies, ​
  • Capture email addresses and demand.​



Lead Scoring

Are you looking to optimise your lead scoring model? In this video, The Automation Geeks share practical tips and tricks to help you get started using Marketo Engage. You'll learn:

  • What steps to take to optimise your lead scoring model
  • How data quality plays an important role in lead scoring
  • The impact of lead scoring on your stakeholders


Outbound Marketing

In episode 3, Grace & Josh share their expert recommendations to help you perfect your outbound marketing strategy. In this video, you'll learn:

  • Why data is so important to outbound marketing
  • How personal should personalisation get
  • Choosing the right channel and format


Data Sourcing and Collection

As digital marketers the most difficult part of the job is often reporting. In episode 4 of The Marketing Automation Toolkit, Grace & Josh will be taking you on a data driven journey where you’ll learn how to maximise your reporting capabilities with Marketo Engage. You’ll learn:​

  • What data you need to build insightful reports
  • Why knowing where that data comes from matters
  • Tricks of the trade and pitfalls to avoid
  • And why it’s so important to have effective reporting



Data analysis and visualisation

In episode 5, The Automation Geeks will teach you how to turn data into actionable insights through analytics and reporting. You'll learn:

  • How reporting promotes data-driven decisions
  • When to use top-down vs. bottom-up
  • How to reveal the story that the data is telling


Campaign Optimisation

The Automation Geeks are providing insights into optimising your marketing campaigns using Marketo in episode 6 of the series. Your campaign activity can help you better understand who your audience is, and what they want from your business.