How to Turn Your Data into Dazzling Moments of Customer Delight.

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Folks are no longer impressed with the old ways of marketing. In fact:  

  • 72% say they trust a brand less if it has bad marketing personalisation. 
  • 83%  to share their data for better personalisation. 

In exchange for their info, customers want marketing that speaks to them. They want to be dazzled. Giving each customer a delightful experience makes them more likely to buy—and return. 

A real-time customer data platform (CDP) makes these memorable moments possible – and scalable! Brands can automatically create personalised marketing messages that turn data into delight. 

In our new guide, Dazzling Feats of Customer Delight, you’ll uncover: 

  • The benefits of consolidating customer data in a real-time CDP 
  • The power of unified profiles for personalisation 
  • The dazzling impact of a tailor-made marketing hit that hits the mark

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