A blueprint for enhanced citizen experience.

The case for simple smart and personalised services

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A blueprint for enhanced citizen experiences is the latest in a series of research reports from Deloitte and Adobe on digital transformation in government. The report examines the way that Australians engage with government online, the benefits of personalisation to citizens and government, and provides a practical roadmap for implementation

Citizens prefer digital

As millions of Australians turned to government for information and support during the pandemic, government websites registered close to a billion visits. Digital access to government started as a necessity but emerged as an overwhelming preference.

Enhancing the Citizen Experience

While government stepped up to meet surging demand for digital access when it mattered most, the research shows there is room to improve the citizen experience. More than half of all citizens encountered inconsistent information across government sites and most face delays getting what they need

Roapmap to personalisation

By Harnessing the signals that the signals that citizens elect to share online, there is opportunity to leverage technology to provide each Australian with right information at the right time

The mutual benefits to citizens and government

Previous research by Adobe and Deloitte identified that digital transactions can reduce costs and save time for both citizens and government. The move to providing citizens with tailored experiences takes this a step further. It can drive better uptake of digital government services and ensure more accessible, accurate, and consistent public information reaches its intended audience.

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