Higher Education in Australia – State of the Industry Report. Reimagining the student experience in a digital-first world.

In today’s post-pandemic phase, the university experience has been reimagined. Students expect support whether learning virtually or in-person and competition among providers has intensified. As universities move to re-build their enrolment pipeline, our report evaluates their digital performance to identify the opportunities to gain an edge.

Australia’s higher education sector is its third largest export industry. Before 2020, the sector averaged 4 million student enrolments but has since experienced a pandemic-induced downturn that has put revenue under pressure.

As student enrolments rebound, and new expectations of the experience emerge, improving student engagement, driving course completion, and enhancing learning and employment outcomes are at the forefront. To address these forces, there are three key imperatives:

  • Attracting future students
  • Keeping pace with new expectations
  • Meeting Industry needs in a digital-first economy Adobe can undertake this benchmarking for individual universities to help you understand how you compare against your peers. We can unearth specific actions and opportunities to develop the digital capabilities that can give you an edge.

Get in touch to discuss your individual benchmarking results.

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