4 project management best practices that Disney uses to create magic

About the Webinar

Ever wanted to get a peek behind the curtain and see the work that goes into creating Disney magic? Get a FastPass for this live webinar to see how Disney manages and prioritises their most creative work behind the scenes, so that all you see is magic.

Join Megan Reilly, Sr. Manager, Project Management, The Walt Disney Company and Nick Zappas, Sr. Manager, Project Management, The Walt Disney Company, as they take you behind the scenes of Disney's internal agency, Yellow Shoes. You'll see how the Disney Project Management Office works and learn 4 specific best practices they use to make their work more visible, streamlined and iterative.

You'll learn:

  • How to optimise your work to get more accomplished
  • How to get alignment across the entire organisation
  • How to best manage and iterate on resource utilisation
  • How to make your work visible through reporting and data
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