Configuring Marketo Sales Insight for Your Sales Teams

About the Webinar

In this webinar, you will be guided through configuring Marketo Sales Insight (MSI). Make the most of your assets with scoring and interesting moment campaigns and publish emails and campaigns for Sales to leverage all in the MSI dashboard. This course also shows you how to configure MSI for the Sales teams so they can interact with the hottest leads and opportunities using their CRM dashboard. This course was created leveraging the Salesforce.com and Marketo configuration, but the principles and best practices are applicable to most CRM solutions.

Key topics covered include:
• What is Marketo Sales Insight and how sales teams use Sales Insight to improve their results
• Using Best Bets, Stars and Flames and Interesting Moments
• Defining Best Bets and modify their criteria
• Turning insights into action – sales emails, outlook plug-in, Sales Insight smart campaigns
• Best practices for making Marketo emails and campaigns available to Sales via MSI

Duration: 33 minutes

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