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Webcast Series | February 2021

The new era in experience
We’re excited to invite you to a new webcast series of the Experience Makers live featuring Poly and Nationale Nederlanden Investment Partners.

Expect digital innovations, inspiration and real-world tips
Get inspiration from stories 'from the field’ and insights of people who are at the forefront of the digital transformation within their company. Joined by experts for an update on the latest digital innovations how to deliver Customer Experience Management (CXM) at scale. Register now to get a look behind the scenes and the possibility to ask questions during the 45 minutes LIVE.

Explore the full line-up of the movers, shakers and experience makers below and save your place.
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11 February 2021
16:00 – 16:45
Campaign Orchestration
Anatomy of a Marketo Migration
AJ Sedlak | Poly
Jeff Coveney | Digital Pi (a Merkle Company)
Max Biedermann | Adobe

18 March 2021
10:00 – 10:45
Digital Signing
How the workflow at NN Investment Partners improved after adding e-signatures. 
Harpreet Bhatia | NN Investment Partners
Dick Dekkers | Digidentity
Sander Grau | Adobe

Let's move forward

No more business as usual. 2020 brought us challenges - and the opportunity to accelerate digital change. Now is the time to reset and reimagine the ways we live and work. Now is a critical time for businesses. But where there's change, there's opportunity. As you lead your team forward, Adobe is here to support you.

We are proud to have Digidentity, Digital Pi (a Merkle Company), Leadfabric, MultiMinds and Nobi Digital as a partner and co-host of this series. 

Watch the previous webcasts

Thursday 12 November 2020
Data & Insights
Optimisation and activation in multi-branded retail Colruyt Group
Devid Dekegel | Colruyt
Siegert Dierickx | Multiminds
Patrick Douwsma | Adobe

Thursday 29 October 2020
Conversion Rate Optimisation
3 Simple steps to delivering CRO value (and winning friends)
Carlos Vicente | Ahold Delhaize
Craig Taylor | Nobi Digital
Patrick Douwsma | Adobe

Tuesday 17 November 2020
Journey Orchestration
Learnings from moving to an agile organisation at Telenet. 
Steven Princen | Telenet 
Lieven Foubert | Telenet
Koen de Witte | Leadfabric
Max Biedermann | Adobe


AJ Sedlak | Poly

Jeff Coveney | Digital Pi (a Merkle Company)

Harpreet Bhatia | Nationale Nederlanden Investment Partners

Dick Dekkers | Digidentity

Devid Dekegel | Colruyt

Siegert Dierickx | Multiminds

Lieven Faubert | Telenet

Craig Taylor |

Carlos Vicente | Ahold Delhaize

Koen De Witte | Leadfabric