Account Profiling Guide

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With account profiling, you can:

  • Reveal your target accounts in seconds.
  • Build the right target account list faster than ever before using AI.
  • Know which accounts to target at scale, with one click.

What is account profiling?

Powered by Mintigo, account profiling leverages 500M+ data points from across the web and sophisticated AI-based models to see who your best-fit accounts should be within seconds.

AI-based predictive scoring and fit indicators will enrich and rank your entire database in seconds, showing an objective view of why certain accounts are more likely to convert into revenue than others.

Activate your target account lists across Marketo programs by converting AI-based fit indicators into ABM filters, so you can personalize and deploy ABM campaigns all in one place.

Power your ABM strategy with easy-to-use AI.

Account AI Icon AI Model Made Easy

One-click AI model made easy.

No data science degree necessary! Use account profiling to leverage 500M+ data points from across the web and sophisticated AI-based models with a single click.

AI-powered target account lists.

Build AI-powered target accounts lists based on millions of data points in seconds – not a handful of opinions in months.

Predictive account scoring, enrichment & prioritization.

View confident list recommendations based on predictive scoring, account enrichment and simplified A-D ranking so you can easily prioritize accounts.

Fit indicators & propensity scores.

Validate your target account lists by viewing specific fit indicators that show how likely each account is to turn into an opportunity.

Easy-to-use model tuning.

Adjust account profiling's recommendations by easily tuning the importance of each fit indicator so you can meet your unique business needs.

New ABM campaign filters.

Convert Account AI’s fit indicators into custom fields and segmentation filters so you can personalize and activate your AI-based ABM campaigns across Marketo Engage.

Frequently asked questions about account profiling.

What is account profiling?

Account profiling is the process used to sift through data in search of the key contacts at companies most likely to convert at this time. Data on calls, conversions, and other metrics are combined to form an impression of customer readiness. Those levels of readiness are then profiled or scored.

What does Ideal Customer Profile mean?

The Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) is a result of account-based marketing and is constructed from the data you have available for your engagement strategy. Your ICP is a fully fleshed-out impression of a user who visits the right pages on your site or reads the right emails. ABM software like Marketo Engage can help you build that profile.

Why use account profiling?

Account profiling can save your business valuable time and resources by compiling the most relevant contact details for organizations in your leads database. Each entry is then scored for likelihood to convert based on all previous engagements with your emails, website, and so on. It’s the simplest way to progress with a lead – fast.