Adobe + Workfront: Under Armour's winning formula

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Adobe Summit—the annual digital experience conference that shares best practices and ideas on customer experience management—went completely digital this year due to COVID-19, delivering all of its sessions online in a single day. It was an incredible demonstration of agility and technical excellence, showcasing how future-orientated organizations can respond quickly to even the most unprecedented disruption.

In his keynote address, Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen crystallized the central message of the event: “You can't deliver cutting-edge customer experiences with an antiquated infrastructure.”

From the comfort of their homes, Summit speakers delivered keynotes on product innovations, industry trends, customer management insights, and digital experiences. All Adobe Summit content, including 100+ breakout sessions—is available on demand.

We extended the experience with Workfront Live, a virtual event the next day featuring a live demo and session with Ben Snyder, Under Armour product analyst. Workfront’s session followed Ben’s Adobe Summit breakout: “High Performance DAM at Under Armour: AEM Assets in the Cloud,” which you can view here.

How Under Armour integrates Workfront and Adobe to enhance customer experiences at scale.

In Workfront’s session, “How Under Armour Uses Adobe & Workfront to Create a Seamless User Experience,” Ben demonstrates how Workfront integrates with Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) to accelerate and enhance its delivery of high-quality differentiated marketing campaigns to customers worldwide. You can watch the session on demand.

Under Armour operates in the highly competitive world of athletic apparel. For its marketing team, standing out from the competition requires flawless execution and agility in a complex and fast-paced market. By using Workfront and AEM together, Under Armour improves collaboration, coordination, and automation throughout the content creation lifecycle to execute campaigns at speed and on time to targeted markets worldwide.

In the session, Ben demonstrates how integrated work management and content management technology is used in practice to coordinate the efforts of all team members—operations, creative teams, content managers, etc.—from initial briefing through the creative process to the delivery of content across multiple channels.

Automated metadata tagging makes it happen.

Key to this process has been the automated assignment of accurate metadata to marketing assets, such as product photography, enabling the seamless delivery of exactly the right assets for every campaign. In the session, Ben shows how automated metadata tagging lies at the heart of a fully integrated process that meets the needs of everyone in the marketing function. It enables creative people to continue working with their preferred tools, marketing operations to assign tasks and manage complex approval processes, and content managers to easily identify products and asset variations for specific global campaigns.

It all comes back to Adobe Summit’s core message: you can only create meaningful, cutting-edge customer experiences in today’s fast-moving, multi-channel marketplace if you embrace—and integrate—modern digital tools and technologies.

For a deeper dive into how Under Armour integrates Workfront and AEM, watch "Workfront Live: How Under Armour Uses Adobe & Workfront to Create a Seamless User Experience."