Creativity vs. digital influx: being an artist in this new work landscape

A woman is interviewed as the sun sets behind her

There are many tired eyes and overwhelmed expressions in meetings today. When we look into the world of creatives, it’s no different. We’re experiencing a new work landscape—more distractions, more work in our backlogs, and an inundation of all of the things that are supposed to make our lives better. Workfront’s creative team decided to toss all creative pressures aside and simply capture the story of artists navigating this new territory of work in the mini-documentary “Deconstructed,” which we debuted at Adobe MAX 2019.

We are grateful to the creatives who helped us create this film by welcoming us into their lives and sharing their perspectives with us. We hope you’ll relate to their experiences and see this conversation as the first step in making real changes to the way we work.