Execute flawless campaigns—under pressure and on time—with work management

Mighty Guide: 7 Experts on Flawless Campaign Execution

First mover advantage has never been stronger. With your competitors racing to get their campaigns to market, how can you launch campaigns and content within accelerated schedules without compromising quality? In our Mighty Guide for marketers—7 Experts on Flawless Campaign Execution—marketing experts reveal how they keep their teams aligned so they can execute flawless campaigns under pressure and on time.

Connect the dots.

Before marketing leaders can align their teams, they need to define and evaluate the outcomes required to achieve business objectives. This is often a case of connecting the dots. As Beatriz Fernandez, Manager of Digital Strategy at Genesys, explains: “It’s important to include every single department that’s going to be part of your campaign. One of the biggest mistakes I see is that strategy work is completely siloed from execution.”

Having a centralized work management platform that improves collaboration and helps stakeholders integrate their campaign deliverables into existing workflows is essential. “When you’re working on a campaign, you want to make sure you’re transparent and collaborative from start to launch. You need the support and the partnership of all key stakeholders within the business,” says DeShelia Spann, Campaign Manager at Lenovo.

Make every cent count.

Research from Gartner found that 70% of CEOs today expect CMOs to lead revenue growth. There is no doubt that sales and marketing need to be better connected than ever. As Jon Moore, Brand Manager at Salesforce, explains: “Sales has always been our number-one internal customer. We’re trying to help build the pipeline that’s going to empower them to hit their revenue objectives quarter over quarter, month over month.”

With budgets tightening, every cent counts. Marketing leaders need to make the most of their investments to ensure they deliver real business outcomes. A work management solution can help demonstrate the value of any spend. “[The board] are able to see marketing’s teamwork and value to the business, which I think is critical. Sometimes, what we miss most often in marketing is [our] true relevance to business, but we are able to show relevance and bridge any previous disconnect we had,” adds Katy Moses, Global Campaign Manager at CommScope.

Scale with ease.

The way we work has transformed this year. An effective and collaborative digital workplace is now critical to establishing resilience and maintaining business agility. While there are a variety of elements integral to digital resilience, a work management platform provides measurable value by keeping companies productive on the right work and ensuring they can scale new programs with ease.

Marketers are under greater pressure to execute flawless campaigns in shorter time frames. “As tools and processes become automated and people move toward digital platforms, the pace of getting things launched or put out into the universe is definitely a lot faster. That means we’re under pressure to deliver a faster turnaround on our end,” says Mabelle Ashe, Global Campaign Manager at Sartorius.

Ashe adds, “It is imperative to have work management technology in place to have full visibility into projects and keep tabs on how they’re progressing. “[It] gives the entire team involved in a project visibility into the active tasks and their owners within that project. If things are delayed, you know who the responsible party is and the record of communication is visible to the entire team.”

Achieve the right business outcomes with work management.

CSO Online concluded that resilience is one of the most valuable long-term properties of an organization, defining its ability to grow and survive in a changing environment by successfully implementing evolving strategies.

A work management platform empowers savvy marketers with the essential building blocks they need to ensure digital resilience. It provides them with the ability to continue to run their businesses effectively even in the face of unprecedented disruption. By connecting data and work across distributed teams throughout the globe, marketing leaders can use the power of analytics to remove the guesswork—meaning they can be responsive and agile, and make informed decisions that achieve business outcomes.

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