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Image source: Adobe Stock / Funtap.

Marketers strive every day to provide compelling digital experiences to their consumers across channels and devices while ensuring brand leadership and business results. To be at the forefront, marketers need to constantly innovate and create seamless digital engagements that delight customers.

With consumer expectations on the rise, creating innovative digital experiences is easier said than done! It takes a village to make it happen.

Customers have very high expectations with targeted messages and offers that they receive through multiple channels. Digital experience makers need to innovate and ensure they meet these expectations across customer life-cycle stages.

However, the accelerated pace of technology advancement and digital fatigue of consumers shortens the shelf-life of these novel experiences. Once the novelty and newness wear off, marketers have to start thinking about the next compelling experience.

At Adobe Customer Solutions, we constantly innovate and build compelling experiences by bringing together latest technologies and Adobe Experience Cloud products.

Here is a peek into a few cool experiences we are bringing to you that are novel and bring business results:

Redefining retail experience using Virtual Reality (powered by Adobe Analytics, Adobe Target, Adobe Commerce Cloud and Adobe Campaign)

The ‘product received looks different’ complaint adds millions to overhead costs thanks to the popular free returns/exchanges features offered by merchants. But the tussle to scale physical stores across geographies so that customers can touch and feel a product before buying and stay loyal to the brand is expensive and challenging. Also, larger proportion of users tend to convert when product assortment in both physical and digital world are personalized, but it’s easier said than done.

A merger of the ideas from physical and digital world combined with the power of Adobe products to build a true one-to-one marketing environment would solve this challenge. The Virtual Reality solution we developed by leveraging Adobe Analytics, Adobe Target, Adobe Commerce Cloud, and Adobe Campaign will provide buyers a truly immersive shopping experience right from the comfort of their home. This is curated based on their past and current behavior and interactions. This ‘Experience before you buy’ approach helps create memorable customer experiences that really stick.

Data-driven persuasion using normative messaging (powered by Adobe Analytics, Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe Target and Adobe Audience Manager)

As avid online purchasers, we are often faced with uncertainty while purchasing products. While product details and reviews give us a glimpse of how well this product has helped others, we are still faced with the question, “Is this the right product for me?”

Imagine if customers could be assisted and assured about the product’s relevance to their specific needs using data. Our “normative messaging” solution uses data science algorithms to analyse the demographic and behavioural data of past purchasers. This is used to predict a product relevance score for a visitor and show a compelling normative message to positively influence purchase decision.

Digital handshake between automotive brands and dealers (powered by Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe Analytics and Adobe Audience Manager)

Buying a car is an involved process requiring a lot of research before making the decision. During this process, brand websites and physical stores of a dealer play a crucial role in decision-making. Currently, these channels work in silos and an information reset happens once we reach the dealer for a test drive.

Our solution, ‘Digital handshake between automotive brands and dealers’ aims to bring these two channels together with the power of Adobe Experience Cloud solutions, by curating a wealth of customer behavior information on the brand’s webpage to the salesperson at dealership enabling a seamless customer experience.

Digitally augment Banking Advisory Services (powered by Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe Analytics, Adobe Target, Adobe Audience Manager and Adobe Campaign)

Customers are getting increasingly tech-savvy making it important for advisory services to augment their high-touch customer engagements with digital offerings. However, informational siloes and fragmented digital channels are hampering the organization’s productivity and effectiveness in making customers take action. This can no longer be an excuse in today’s experience era. Powered by Adobe Experience Cloud, our digital solution unifies enterprise data to provide cohesive insights across the organization, drive seamless collaborations using automated workflows, and deliver contextual engagement experiences to customers. This solution enables brands to be in the right place, at the right time, with the right content.

Content Velocity for Marketplaces (powered by Adobe Experience Manager and Adobe Sensei)

In today’s world, the marketplace business model has become a norm in the digital way of doing business. In such an environment, providing a medium for easy onboarding of partner content is essential for survival and growth of businesses. However, this process is currently manpower intensive, time consuming, and prone to error.

Our content velocity solution, equipped with AI-powered automated workflow to onboard huge volume of content, recognizes characters and images and dynamically generates appropriate tags. This helps create channel-aware content and addresses the challenges of quick partner content onboarding and time to market.

To see these and more in action, connect with us for a demo. We are excited to share these and help you on your innovation journeys.