Extension Subscriptions on Application Marketplace for Adobe Commerce & Magento Open Source

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At Adobe, empowering our developer ecosystem to build superior experiences and services for customers of all sizes is a top priority. To further serve our Adobe Commerce and Magento Open Source customers and developers, we are announcing support for extension subscription models starting November 30, 2021. Subscription licensing allows developers to provide ongoing support and investment into established products, delivering greater peace of mind and lowering maintenance costs for merchants.

As the market for e-Commerce software continues to embrace a subscription licensing model, multiple extension vendors have switched to the subscription model for their products. Many prominent software ecosystems and marketplaces operate exclusively under the subscription model. Multiple Magento extension builders have also announced their imminent switch to the annual subscription model, including Amasty, Mageplaza, Aheadworks, Mirasvit, Mageworx, Meetanshi, MageComp, Magedelight, and Webiators . Based on community feedback, most extension vendors are expected to announce or implement a similar change soon.

Adobe Commerce Marketplace subscription licenses will not restrict use of the code that has already been downloaded and installed onto the merchants’ instances. However, an active subscription may be required to get upgrades, support, and extra services and features the vendor may define as part of the license. Merchants can opt out of the subscription at any time, at will.

Extensions sold under subscription license will include basic support into the subscription price. At the initial release, the Marketplace will not support multiple subscription tiers or subscription add-ons, but we expect to add these and other features in future iterations.

Existing SKUs will not be able to be converted to subscription license, therefore merchants will not be automatically subscribed to products that elect to move to the subscription license. Instead, vendors may elect to retire some of their existing Marketplace SKUs, and set up new products distributed under the new subscription license. This will ensure merchants’ consent to purchase the subscription. Extensions sold under the subscription license will have to comply with the same Marketplace and EQP requirements.

The Commerce Developer Portal and Marketplace will allow vendors to enable a 180-day grace period for merchants who previously purchased their extensions. This will be accomplished by connecting the new SKU while removing an extension from the Store. Merchants who own the removed extension, will be notified that they have a 180-day grace period when subscribing to the new product.

Refunds will be available under the same 25-day term from the moment of initial purchase.

More details about Subscription use cases for developers and merchants will be posted under the Marketplace Dev Docs section.