Four Reasons To Integrate Adobe Analytics, Adobe Audience Manager and Adobe Advertising Cloud

Today’s customers are bombarded with ads across devices and digital media platforms. Because of this, they’ve become experts at ignoring ads altogether. To get their attention, advertising specialists need to deliver highly personalized ads in exactly the right place at exactly the right moment. But, if your enterprise data sources are disconnected, reaching that level of personalization is impossible.

Integrating Adobe Analytics, Adobe Audience Manager, and Adobe Advertising Cloud brings your first- and third- party data into one place, allowing your advertising team to target customers with relevant content at the perfect moment. And that means more effective ad spend and higher ROI. Here are four ways this synergy can help your advertising specialists get more bang out of their budgets — and help boost the bottom line.

1. Segmentation that optimizes ad spend

If your team uses a platform other than Advertising Cloud, they’re only able to use third-party data to segment audiences. That data is limited and only provides a generalized view of customers, such as where they live or which browsers they use. Specialists can’t see what a consumer does when they visit your website, and, therefore, can’t take advantage of it. By combining first-party data from Analytics and Audience Manager with third-party data in Advertising Cloud, advertisers can see who clicked on which display ad, whether a purchase was made or a cart was abandoned, what additional information the consumer may have searched for, and more.

Merging data gives advertisers the ability to target a specific set of consumers. This enables more relevant retargeting efforts, which drives increased conversion rates and lower acquisition and CPM costs.

2. Smarter algorithm optimization

In addition to optimizing segments, merging first- and third-party data optimizes programmatic algorithms. As with segmentation, the algorithm doesn’t just incorporate downstream metrics, like view-through and click-through rates, but also behavioral data, such as adding an item to a cart. This integration, with the help of artificial intelligence and machine-learning capabilities in Adobe Sensei, allows the algorithm to continuously monitor how customers behave on a website after they’ve seen an ad, and make adjustments to secure further engagement that gets customers over the finish line. This dynamic optimization results in 13 to 18 percent higher ROI, on average.

3. Powerful insight into campaign performance

As a standalone platform, Adobe Advertising Cloud shows specialists whether a consumer clicked on their ad and where they came from. Adding Adobe Analytics gives access to first-party data that reveals what the consumers did after they got to the website. They can see if a user converted from the ad, access cohort analysis reports that assess the lifetime value of that consumer, and more. Organizations that use these behavioral insights to understand their customers’ path to conversion generate more incremental revenue and outperform their competition in sales growth by as much as 85%.

4. Simple integration

Integrating Adobe Analytics with Adobe Advertising Cloud is an easy two-step process. First, your Analytics team will need to add two lines of code to enable click-through tracking. Then Analytics will share impressions and view-through metrics with Advertising Cloud without additional tagging requirements, as well as share any segments with Experience Cloud, which will show up in Advertising Cloud for optimization.

Leveraging Audience Manager within Advertising Cloud is even easier. The integration is native, real time, and server-side. Upon completion, the Audience Manager solution will share segments directly to Advertising Cloud.

There is no cost associated with either process, but there is some provisioning that needs to be done beforehand by your Adobe account manager. After the solution is up and running, there’s no recurring maintenance whatsoever. If an advertiser already has all three solutions, there’s absolutely no barrier to integration.

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With Analytics and Audience Manager for Adobe Advertising Cloud, your advertising team can segment more deeply, optimize more accurately, and immediately see the impact of their efforts in real-time. Therefore, what’s budgeted to specialists gets used in the most profitable way possible. Read “Create Smarter Segments for Adobe Advertising Cloud” to learn six tips and tricks your team can use to get started.