Need to Save $9.1m in Three Years? Digitize Your Document Processes

Graphic showing digital documents.

Transforming your business to be completely customer-centric is key for your company’s success. Research shows that investing in customer experience has the potential to double your revenue within 36 months. And while it is important for customer experience to be top-of-mind for leading organizations, mastering it is no easy feat.

What does it mean to be truly customer-centric? It means building a foundation of the right people, processes and technologies to delight customers at every touch point, across marketing, finance, sales, onboarding, customer service, and more.

A big part of this responsibility is automation, turning anything your customer touches that is manual or paper-based into efficient digital programs. It’s important to empower your teams to focus on the customer by taking quick, digital action—whether it’s on a document, a workflow, or simply getting a task done.

However, it’s not often that organizations consider their document processes when strategizing on customer-centric transformation. Even getting a signature from your customer must be fluid and seamless. The fact is that many organizations still struggle with multiple costly solutions and workflows that are interrupted with manual and paper-based steps. These processes are frustrating for both employees and customers.

With Adobe Document Cloud, we’ve been focused on creating digital experiences that help you do your best wherever you choose to work. This equates to faster business processes, better customer service, improved tracking and more flexible options for your customers. Document Cloud lets both employees and customers quickly and securely create, collaborate on, and sign business-critical documents.

But what is the real impact? Earlier this year, we commissioned Forrester Research to better understand the total economic impact of our Document Cloud solutions. Forrester interviewed six organizations that had 1,000 to over 2 million Adobe Sign transactions in the past year. There were many benefits uncovered in the analysis. For example, companies interviewed were able to reduce manual signature steps, expedite onboarding and enrollment processes, as well as reduce the number of IT help desk tickets. Using Adobe Sign also reduced costs for shipping, paper, ink, printers, and scanner equipment.

According to Forrester, Adobe Document Cloud customers realize up to 4.2-times higher ROI, up to $7.3M higher net-present value (NPV), 28-times faster cycle times, as well as $1.2M in paper and hardware savings. Rabobank Singapore reported on how digital signatures have driven a more modern experience for themselves and their customers:

“Our processes are modernized, and work moves much faster now that signatures can be delivered and tracked with just a few clicks,” said Manikandan Genevan, IT & Operations Business Manager, Rabobank Singapore. “We’ve raised the overall level of experience—both internally and externally.”

Document Cloud can be beneficial to various parts of a business. For example, it can help accelerate your sales team’s efforts by freeing reps from admin tasks, and giving them more time to sell. HR teams benefit from faster document preparation as well, and procurement teams can cut contract cycle times and onboard faster, while also minimizing risk. And, legal teams benefit by giving employees self-service access to pre-approved legal documents.

Why wouldn’t you want to free your employees from mundane tasks, and help them focus on making an impact at work? In the Forrester report, Sanofi France suggested that it’s important to work with a technology partner who thinks strategically across the digital transformation journey:

“We wanted more than a technology vendor,” said Valérie Abrell Duong, VP IT, digital and innovation at Sanofi France. “We were thinking strategically about who could help us evolve in all areas of the business over the long term. As a strategic partner, Adobe can help make us successful in our digital transformation journey.”

From marketing to finance, every part of the enterprise is essential to creating the best customer experience possible. It’s plain to see that digitalization and automation is an important aspect of the customer-centric business transformation.

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