The headless content management system that helps you deliver exceptional experiences everywhere

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Adobe Experience Manager Sites is an industry-leading headless content management system (CMS), which makes it easy for your marketing and IT teams to create and deliver personalized content experiences — wherever your customers are.

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Headless content management gives you speed and flexibility

When deciding between a traditional and a headless CMS, it’s essential to find a solution that will help you work smarter, not harder. Your days are already busy enough, so think about where you can save some time while still creating the most engaging content.

A traditional CMS manages both the content and presentation logic, and outputs fully formatted HTML. It’s easy to publish to a single channel like a website. However, as content needs expand across multiple channels, brands, and geographies, the content production cycle can get out of hand. And it can often require more time, energy, and resources as efforts need to be duplicated.

A headless CMS separates content from the presentation layer — the head. It creates blocks of channel-neutral content and uses APIs to present the same material across platforms and devices. Because it can use any front end to display content, you don’t need to create new code for every experience. A headless CMS eliminates redundancies by unifying content in a single hub, making it easier to scale and display through virtually any application without losing quality and delivering a better overall customer experience.

Experience Manager Sites headless CMS creates a seamless experience for you and your customers

Experience Manager Sites is an intelligent, headless CMS that helps teams quickly build and deliver customer experiences across all channels and devices. Let’s take a closer look at how Experience Manager Sites can help solve some of your biggest content challenges.

Experience Manager Sites help build and deliver quickly.

1. Build and deliver quickly

Experience Manager Sites increases the speed of building experiences and accelerates time to market, so you can build and deliver new assets quicker than ever.

Your company can increase efficiency and spend more time on other important business matters with the help of Experience Manager Sites.

Experience Manager Sites help your business scale effortlessly.

2. Scale effortlessly

As your business grows, the amount of content you publish will too. But more content shouldn’t mean more CMS platforms. That’s where Experience Manager Sites comes in to help teams coordinate and streamline global content operations.

Centralizing content workflows eliminates confusion and ensures your whole team is on the same page, no matter where they are. That way you can spend more time on high-value initiatives like analyzing and optimizing the journey you design for your customers.

Experience Management Sites help your business extend easily.

3. Extend easily

Content management looks different for every organization. Experience Manager Sites can be tailored to suit your unique business needs and help future-proof your strategy.

Using a flexible, headless CMS like Experience Manager Sites that fits your needs boosts productivity and confidence across your organization. And you’ll have the capabilities you need, without limitations from your existing tech stack.

Experience Manager Sites help your business stay resilient and secure.

4. Stay resilient and secure

Hosting content management functions on multiple platforms can be problematic in a number of ways. Traditional CMS setups regularly require long and costly upgrades and maintenance. Your tech team is then forced to spend time and resources managing infrastructure, security threats, vulnerabilities, and compliance requirements — rather than on growing the business. Experience Manager Sites helps you maintain business-critical activities, including security, performance, resiliency, and reliability.

Experience Manager Sites includes an entire suite of GraphQL APIs to quickly deliver specific content — such as the ability to sort, paginate, and transform images — for downstream applications.

A headless CMS in action

A headless CMS ensures you have all the tools you need in one place to make content creation, presentation, and management a breeze. Here are a couple of stories from our customers and how they’re using Experience Manager Sites as a headless content management system to get results.

With a multitude of options and customization, Experience Manager Sites is a marketer and developer-friendly CMS that allows you to craft personal and purposeful content, without compromising speed or agility.

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