Three Rich Media Rescues For a Critical Time

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Around the world as we shelter from the pandemic in our homes, the internet is our pressure relief valve and our lifeline. For the many who are understandably anxious at this time, the slightest friction feels like a roadblock. This is your opportunity to lessen that stress by making your site extra responsive through faster page loads. When everything else is causing your customers frustration and anxiety, your brand can be a breath of fresh air by offering that much-needed easy, friction-free experience.

That’s why it’s more important than ever to keep up with — and manage — website traffic demands. This is particularly important for retailers who are providing necessities and need to be super responsive to customers by making sure their image and video-dense pages are light and fast-loading. Now is the time to lean in to the three reliable capabilities in Dynamic Media and Dynamic Media Classic.

1. Dynamic Media delivers at scale — always

If you’re using Dynamic Media or Dynamic Media Classic, you’re covered no matter what amount of traffic comes your way. Its rock-solid infrastructure ensures as your web traffic load increases, resources scale to normalize your website’s performance. Need proof? Simply look at the record-setting results from the 2019 holiday season. Over the Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend alone, 41 billion assets were requested from 8,000 domains out of more than 200 countries around the world — and all were delivered seamlessly.

If Adobe can handle that, it can handle whatever the upcoming months of higher-than-normal traffic throw at us. This is one big headache you no longer have to worry about.

2. Smart Imaging ensures faster page loading

I’m hearing stories of providers cutting back data rates in order to serve all their residential customers. Suddenly, bandwidth can once again be a big issue. Good news: Dynamic Media and Dynamic Media Classic can automatically protect your visitors’ experience by ensuring you deliver a great experience — regardless of their bandwidth limitations.

Adobe helps you deliver lightning-fast page load times with Smart Imaging, an under-the-hood feature that can cut page load times by 30% or more. Smart Imaging provides the best possible page performance by automatically optimizing image format, size, and quality based on client browser capabilities.

Smart Imaging is included with every Dynamic Media and Dynamic Media Classic license. Not set up yet? There is modest effort to set it up, and almost no effort thereafter to reap its benefits. If you haven’t been using it, get started today.

“Enabling Smart Imaging was a simple process of changing the subdomain used to serve our images. Graphics are a large percentage of our site bandwidth, and we were able to significantly improve web performance with a small time investment.”

William Davis Sr. Application Developer Overland

3. Speedy media features

The Adobe Digital Trends Survey found 84% of consumers are convinced to buy after watching a brand’s video, and including a video on your landing page can increase conversions by more than 80%. But not if the page doesn’t load in a reasonable time! Dynamic Media and Dynamic Media Classic have features that will not only make pages load faster, and video stream smoothly, but will also reduce your effort and workload. Among these are Advanced Image Presets, Adaptive Video Sets, and Responsive Design Library.

Small step for you, big leap for performance

If you’re using Dynamic Media or Dynamic Media Classic, Adobe has a low-stress approach to perfecting your page loads and overall optimization: simply contact your Adobe customer success manager (CSM) to schedule an audit, which is free.

Experts from Adobe will review your implementation and recommend settings that will deliver better image quality and performance. They’ll fill you in on the techniques that will have the biggest impact on your site performance. This is your opportunity for personal tutoring on Smart Imaging and other Dynamic Media Classic features.

Just want to enable Smart Imaging ASAP? Drop a line to customer support today.

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