Top 5 work automations with the highest ROI

Headshot of Andrew Koprowski, Senior Associate at LeapPoint

Whether you’re new to Workfront or an expert, its powerful, low-code integration and automation platform, Fusion, can deliver a range of benefits that both streamline processes and provide measurable business outcomes to your organization. By allowing work to flow freely across systems and teams, Fusion increases your team’s productivity and efficiency by giving them a single, connected solution to manage and execute on work.

Fusion is commonly used to connect Workfront to other software applications like Salesforce, JIRA, Microsoft SharePoint, and more. In addition to providing connections, business users can also leverage Fusion to automate work.

Here’s why clients love automating processes within Workfront:

By leveraging Fusion, clients provide an enhanced user experience and increase the return on investment (ROI) of the Workfront platform. Here are the top five ways our clients are already increasing ROI with work automation:

1—Reduce manual object creation with integrated campaign automation.

LeapPoint client use case: a client in the financial services industry was spending hundreds of hours per year manually creating programs and projects from the integrated campaign requests. Instead of manually creating and linking projects to programs, they wanted an automation that created the programs and linked projects from integrated campaign requests so their production managers could focus on executing each integrated campaign effectively and on time.

2—Reduce project creation with single request to multiple projects automation.

LeapPoint client use case: a leading retail giant spent many hours creating multiple quick execution projects from a single request. We designed a scenario to automate the request to multiple projects conversion, giving their writers, designers, and production managers more time to focus on work that promotes growth and value.

3—Reduce manual traffic activities with resource assignment automation.

LeapPoint client use case: a client in the healthcare industry found it tedious to assign users to tasks on projects within their high traffic work environment. They wanted to automate the resource assignment for newly created projects for multiple job roles, allowing their resource managers to focus on developing accurate resource forecasts.

4—Update project tasks easily with task customization automation.

LeapPoint client use case: A client in the retail industry leverages a master template for each newly created project. However, each project manager must review and adjust each project by removing inapplicable tasks that are not needed for a particular project type. They wanted to automate the removal of inapplicable tasks to allow their project managers to execute projects more quickly.

5—Trigger compliance reviews with compliance approval automation.

LeapPoint client use case: A client from the financial services industry has to create a compliance project for each marketing project, which takes considerable time over a given year. They wanted to automate the compliance approval process to give their project teams time to focus on developing assets and eliminating unnecessary manual tasks within Workfront.