Top-Form Enrollment Practices from Top-Tier Brands

Let’s face it: no one likes filling out forms. But they’re a necessary part of doing business and an important part of the customer experience. Create a good one, and you open all kinds of doors. Deliver a bad one, and you can slam that door shut.

When you make the enrollment process simple and convenient, you increase engagement and reduce the chance for abandonment. When you make it feel personal and part of a connected brand experience, you build loyalty and increase customer satisfaction. Discover how six leading brands are successfully doing all of this, and how you can do the same. Read on to uncover their best practices and stories to guide you.

Source: Regalix

Enrollment best practices for higher engagement

1. Make enrollment effortless

Every extra step in the process is one more place for a customer to drop off. When you create enrollment experiences that are intuitive, easy, and personal you draw people in and engage them at some of the most critical points in the customer journey. The process needs to be easy on your end too, with scalable authoring that lets you quickly create forms and reuse fragments to create countless more.

**2. Make your forms available anywhere

According to a recent Statista report, half of all web traffic is coming from a mobile device. So there’s a good chance your customers are not only searching for your forms on their phones, they expect to complete them there too. That means your forms — no matter how complex — need to be wherever your customers are. You also need to allow customers to pick up where they left off, even if they’re now on a different device. When you do, you increase engagement and retention.

3. Make every form part of a connected brand experience

Expectations for amazing experiences are getting higher all the time, so it’s imperative you meet them at every interaction — including your forms. Whether it’s to apply for a new loan or to enroll in a health insurance plan, the experience needs to feel connected to all your other marketing efforts. Show customers you value their loyalty and respect their time with a seamless and personal experience — regardless of which product or service they’re interacting with across your brand.

1. Make enrollment effortless

**San Francisco City and County Tax Office
**San Francisco, California

Making tax payments less taxing.

The City of San Francisco has approximately 1 million taxpayers. In an effort to increase efficiency and compliance with tax payments, they created a self-service tax portal that consolidated four legacy payment portals into a single system.

Automation from Adobe Experience Manager Forms has reduced filing errors and increased taxpayer satisfaction. In fact, residents are now filing fewer waivers and delivering more payments on time.

The system has also lowered the numbers of office calls and in-person visits, which save the office time and money. In 2017, when taxpayers rushed to pay outstanding tax bills before the local tax deduction was reduced, the city was able to collect $241 million in property tax revenue in 12 days — with no lines. This is more than eight times the amount collected during the same period the previous year.

“With Adobe Experience Manager Forms, we offer taxpayers better visibility into what they owe and help them avoid unnecessary penalties.”

Tajel Shah
Chief Assistant Treasurer, Office of the Treasurer and Tax Collector

10% increase in taxpayers using the new self-service portal.

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**Coburg, Germany

Streamlining the creation and completion of forms.

HUK-COBURG is Germany’s largest auto insurer. Every year during November and December, their online insurance premium calculator has to process 4 million requests — which amounts to 80% of their annual volume. They needed a powerful system to handle the demand.

The company implemented Adobe Experience Manager Forms to help. With its drag-and-drop simplicity, they can now create forms in two minutes instead of two weeks. This allows them to rapidly put up form pages that make it easier for customers to get signed up for new services.

Now when customers open a form, it automatically pulls data from back-end systems and prefills with a single click. This not only reduces the amount of typing customers have to do, it helps reduce the number of errors.

“Adobe Experience Manager is more than just a web content management system. It’s a cross-channel platform for managing, personalizing, optimizing, and delivering content.”

Christian Deinlein
Head of Internet Systems, HUK-COBURG

Shortened release cycles from two weeks to two minutes.

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2. Make your forms available anywhere

**Marin County
**San Rafael, California

Responsive forms for a more responsive government.

Marin County set a goal of becoming a more responsive government. Part of that included making their electronic forms available across new devices and channels, and reducing the time lag and cost associated with paper processes.

The county’s IT department was impressed with Adobe Experience Manager Forms — especially its strong mobile support from any device and its ability to tie into work processes. Almost immediately after implementing the solution, residents started submitting forms — everything from vote-by-mail applications to consumer complaints to annual park pass applications. And thanks to its back-end integrations and streamlined workflows, the forms automatically dropped into the right database, enabling faster responses.

Because they’re able to create multiple forms with reusable components, the county has exceeded their goal of creating seven adaptive forms in the first year.

“One of our greatest aims is to deliver responsive and effective service to the community of 260,000 residents. One of the biggest parts of that involves automated and adaptive electronic forms that allow the public to do their business online with 24/7 availability.”

Rwena Holaday
Assistant Director of IT, Marin County

Increased public engagement with easier form submission.

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**Investitionsbank Berlin
**Berlin, Germany

Providing paperless applications from mobile devices.

Investitionsbank Berlin (IBB) provides low-interest loans for urgently needed investments in growth and innovative digital technologies. Seeking to provide a better digital experience for their customers, they wanted to automate more processes and introduce easy-to-use self-service solutions that work on mobile devices.

The company chose Adobe Experience Manager Forms, which helped them simplify 11 different forms into a single application. This is now available on their mobile-friendly site that synchronizes with both the business and real estate development sides of the business. Now customers can always find the opportunity to complete an electronic application. Not only that, but the forms automatically adapt to the specific device and automatically pre-fill with data from the ERP system to ensure the proper information is entered — all of which provide a lower barrier to entry and increased business.

“Our goal is to put the entire lifecycle of a loan application within our intuitive customer portal and to include the ability for other online banking experiences.”

Klaus Fiedel
Head of IT, Investitionsbank Berlin

Reduced processing time from 60 to 10 days.

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3. Make every form part of a connected brand experience

**IDFC Bank
**Mumbai, India

Implementing experiences they had only imagined.

IDFC is a new-age bank in Mumbai. With about 50% of their savings accounts coming from digital properties, they’ve used technology and a service-oriented approach to set the standard for customer experience.

The bank realized that because marketing is moving into an omnichannel world — one where the customer gets to choose the channel on which to engage with businesses — they needed to make strategic investments to deliver experiences that are seamless, powerful, and persuasive.

Since implementing Adobe Experience Manager Forms, they’re able to maintain complete consistency across all channels — even with their 25 fintech partners. IDFC customers appreciate that they no longer have to keep entering their “know your customer” (KYC) data. They can now visit the website, open an account, fund it, and, within four minutes, make online purchases, pay bills, and more.

“Paradoxically, if you want to make a simple experience, a lot of complexity has to be hidden under the hood. And that calls for a very high level of sophistication and understanding from a partner. We got that from Adobe.”

Abhay Johorey
Head, Digital, Consumer Bank, IDFC

Customers can visit the site, open an account, and start using it in four minutes.

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**Sandton, South Africa

Simplifying an ad-hoc, disjointed experience.

Nedbank was struggling to present an online identity — partly due to multiple internal groups serving customers who spoke 11 different languages. Add the complexity of different screen sizes, operating systems, and interfaces, and it was a real challenge to create a consistent, cross-channel experience.

Even though their different digital offerings had the same Nedbank logo, they often felt like different companies. Wanting to unify it all and gain a better view of how customers interacted with each team, they turned to Adobe for help.

With Adobe Experience Manager Forms and Adobe Analytics, they were able to identify the top 20 forms that accounted for 965 of their business. They then streamlined form fields, reducing the number of forms from 224 to 38. They also added better functionality like auto-populating fields and the ability to complete forms on any device.

Now if customers have multiple types of accounts, they’re getting a consistent experience as they do business with each group. The combination of changes has led to a dramatic increase in completion rates.

“Adobe Experience Manager Forms was a major force in simplifying how we interact with customers. We can cut seven-step processes down to four steps with more control over each form.”

Lizelle Vaughan
Program Director for Digital Experience Management, Nedbank

Successful forms completion increased from 33% to 80%.

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Discover the power of simplicity

Onboarding forms, applications, purchase processes — while they all seem very utilitarian, they’re important parts of a meaningful customer experience. When you make these processes effortless and intuitive, you’re showing customers that you value them and respect their time. In return, they’ll reward you with higher conversion rates and lower abandonment.

Using powerful solutions with automation, personalization, and streamlined workflows, you can turn enrollment and onboarding into engaging experiences — just as these companies have.

Adobe can help

Adobe Experience Manager Forms simplifies the enrollment process for everyone involved. It helps you build effortless, end-to-end enrollment experiences that feel personal and part of a unified customer journey. And it makes it easier than ever for your prospects to quickly become customers for your products and services.

You’ll be able to scale your forms for millions of customers and automatically connect to back-end systems to prefill data. And with Adobe Analytics and Adobe Target, identify which forms work best for different audiences, then test and personalize enrollment experiences even more.

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