What Type of Manager Are You? Find Out With This Quiz!

What Type of Manager Are You? Find Out With This Quiz!

No matter your role in your company, it's a smart idea to ask from time to time: "What type of manager are you?"

Managers have an indisputable effect on our work experiences. And whether that experience is good or bad often depends on our higher-ups' management style.

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Since everyone is a manager on some level or another, the question of management style has universal relevance.

In the workforce, we've all experienced working for different management styles. Each manager brings their skills and strengths to the job, setting objectives and driving results in different ways.

Great managers see the bigger picture and know how to motivate their teams to succeed. On the opposite side of the spectrum, micro-managers sabotage their team's production by being too involved in the details, over-communicating, and disrupting creativity.

According to a new study, 60 percent of employees believe bad bosses can have the most negative impact on work-life balance. This can have a devastating impact on your organization's productivity, leaving you vulnerable to missing deadlines and losing some of your best employees.

What's Your Style?

So what type of manager are you? Discover your managing style by taking our quiz below:

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