Adobe Scan Converts Physical Business Cards to Mobile Contacts

Adobe Scan on cell phone.

How often do people hand you business cards at conferences, events, or meetings that never make it into your mobile phone? It’s not that the contact is not valuable, it’s that it’s too tedious and time consuming to type all of that information into your smartphone each time you get a business card. The problem with a business card is that it’s a paper card.

Today’s update to Adobe Scan expands the app’s text recognition superpowers to turn physical business cards into shareable digital contacts on iOS and Android devices. Now anyone can quickly and easily pull the information from a business card and save it into their mobile contacts without typing it in letter by letter or line by line.

Using super-smart artificial intelligence (AI) powered by Adobe Sensei, Adobe Scan instantly recognizes the business card right in your hand. Adobe Scan detects the card’s borders, corrects skewed perspectives, adjusts lighting and shadows, and extracts (OCRs) the text. It will even crop out your finger or thumb if it eclipses an edge. Once the business card is scanned, just click the new “Save Contact” button to automatically add the person’s name, phone number, email address, and an image of the business card to your contacts.* Now you have a smart business card scanner and reader right in your pocket.

See Adobe Scan convert a card to a contact

Now you can see how easy it is to transfer contact information from a physical business card into your iOS or Android device. Scan it, save it, and politely hand the card back. No more paper cards filling up your pockets, bags, or desk drawers.

With more than 10 million downloads and several industry awards, Adobe Scan is one of the most versatile and loved scanning apps available. We’re always listening to your feedback and adding new features that push the boundaries of what you can do to convert paper to digital.

Update Adobe Scan today, and let us know what you think in the appstores (Apple and Google Play) or on social with #AdobeScan.

*Business cards to contacts is available in English only. Additional languages coming soon.