Learn How to Scan, Submit Homework, and Assignments

As millions of students around the world learn from home, new time management and tech challenges have popped up like weeds. Students are tasked with creating hour-by-hour schedules for themselves and frequent video conference calls resemble a workday rather than a school day. Nevertheless, everything from classes to socializing has transitioned online and everyone is trying to adapt.

A typical high school or college student now spends 10+ hours of their day attending classes, collaborating with classmates, and doing homework, all online. Unfortunately, our current education systems were not built for distance learning so there are a lot of gaps that are being exposed. For example, most technology needs to be patched together to work for the home classroom – often mixing physical and digital tools together like some kind of modern-day science experiment.

Take a high school chemistry student for example. Writing equations and diagrams online isn’t easy, so she decides to work everything out with pen and paper, like she did for the first half of the school year. Paperwork is easy to turn in when you’re in the classroom, but what about when you’re schooling from home?

That Chemistry work took three pages to complete, but the learning portal the school uses only lets her submit one file per assignment. So, she takes photos of each page with her phone, opens up a Google Doc, inserts three pages of pics, and converts it into a single file to submit — which may or may not be legible. And, this repeats day after day during each of her classes, and it continues afterhours with her homework.

There has to be a better way. Luckily, there is with Adobe Scan.

With the free Adobe Scan app, she can easily convert multi-page handwritten schoolwork into a single, high-quality PDF. Scan works hard behind the scenes to identify and sharpen handwritten text and remove distracting elements you don’t want, like glare or shadows. Scans can be reordered, renamed, and submitted to any portal being used by the school, or added to Google Drive, Dropbox, or an email.

In the last month alone, Adobe Scan installs have skyrocketed by nearly 65%. More than 50 million people around the world rely on Scan to solve their paperwork problem, now more than ever. With Scan, you can take the work out of schoolwork, homework, and literally any paperwork.

Download Adobe Scan today, and click here to get a PDF how-to scanning guide.