Annotate, comment, and edit PDF documents online with Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat using comment and annotate tools in a PDF

Image source: Adobe Acrobat.

Although it is one of the most common and flexible file formats in the world, many casual or infrequent PDF users are unsure about how to edit, annotate, or comment on PDF documents. If you are trying to increase your productivity or make working between teams easier by learning how to edit a PDF online, Adobe Acrobat edit tools will help you unlock more PDF power.

Comment and annotate PDF

To get started, give the Acrobat online edit PDF tool a try. One of the new Acrobat online PDF tools, it lets you to easily insert comments, annotations, text, and drawings into an existing PDF document for easier digital collaboration and communication, all without ever leaving your browser window.

If you are a professional working remotely, you can try using the online edit PDF tool to annotate a contract, highlight key pieces of information in a report, or ask questions about specific contents within a PDF.

Knowing how to edit a PDF online can help teachers and students, too. Teachers can try the tool to provide notes and comments on student papers, as well as use markup tools like highlighting and strikethroughs to give editorial feedback. Students can try the edit PDF tool to annotate reading assignments with comments and observations for later use, as well as highlight or underline important passages and key information.

An easier way to edit PDF

However, if you are looking to create new PDF documents or unlock even more powerful features like in-line text and image editing, try a free trial of Acrobat Pro DC, your complete productivity solution. Acrobat subscribers have access to the full and unrivaled power and functionality of PDF through enhanced tools and features that can supercharge your productivity and make collaboration a breeze.

For work-from-home professionals, Acrobat allows you to directly edit contracts, expense reports, or other PDF documents directly rather than simply adding notes and annotations. You can also replace existing letterhead, logos, or copy on company materials to simplify rebranding.

Educators can save time with Acrobat Pro by updating assignments, lesson plans, and other course materials rather than recreating them. Acrobat also allows students to make last minute edits or revisions to papers and other PDF assignments without having to waste time converting between file formats.

Whatever your needs, Adobe has PDF tools to take your productivity and collaboration to the next level. Simplify the feedback process by trying the Acrobat online PDF commenting and annotating tool or experience the full power of PDF by starting your free trial of Adobe Acrobat Pro DC today.