How to Find a Magento Developer

How to Find a Magento Developer

With over 240,000 businesses using Magento products (and that number is growing), it’s not surprising that Magento skills are in demand. One of the most frequently asked questions I get is, “How do I find a Magento Developer?” So here goes.

Where to Look for Developers
For short-term or smaller contract projects, a great place to post and find developers is the freelancer site Upwork. Currently, there are over 14,000 experts listed that have Magento skills in design and development, of whom 507 are certified.

At Magento we have an extensive Solution Partner community that can assist with implementations, but if you’re looking for a permanent independent or long-contract employee, we have a few suggestions. Many independent developers that have worked with Magento for years often attend both industry and Magento events, so this is a great way to meet developers and learn more about Magento.

Developers also have a few sites online where they hang out, and I would suggest taking advantage of those sites. Feel free to post your openings on Careers 2.0 (by Stackoverflow), GitHub, craigslist, and Twitter. For Twitter, be sure to use #Magento and #MagentoJobs.

What to Look For in a Job Candidate
Of course job candidates should have experience working with multiple implementations—the more implementations the better! I highly recommend looking for Magento Certifications and Magento U Courses they’ve taken as well. Magento courses are built by professional Instructional Designers and taught by some of the most experienced Magento professionals, and all of them include hands-on exercises so participants can immediately put into practice what they learn. Our certifications are built to test these real-world job skills and they demonstrate a developer’s expertise. The investment they made in their career by taking a class or getting a certification demonstrates a high level of commitment and dedication, and identifying candidates with Magento training or certifications up front can help you narrow down the field.


About Beth Gomez

Beth Gomez is the Head of Magento U and is responsible for Magento’s Training and Certification programs. Prior to joining Magento in 2011, Beth headed up Training and Certification at Zend Technologies, Inc. For more information visit Magento U online. For updates on Magento U and information on upcoming classes, follow us @MagentoUTeam.