Leaders in Modern Work: How the Workfront Lion Award Finalists Became Finalists

Lion Award Finalists

The rules of work management are changing. And Workfront customers are often the ones writing them.

That’s exactly why we created the Lion Awards — to showcase the groundbreaking work that Workfront customers are doing to transform work management within their organization. Winners will be announced next week at Workfront Leap in Dallas, and we want to give you a preview into the innovative work being done by each of our finalists in a variety of categories.

As leaders working to drive change in your own organization, their stories will inspire you to drive digital transformation at your own companies.

Workfront Change Leader

Change isn’t easy. But it is transformative. The Change Leader Award recognizes customers who have significantly transformed their work culture and created an environment where employees love their jobs.

Workfront Innovator

Either by connecting the tools they already have, creating a unique use case, or improving on strategic alignment, these customers have found innovative ways to use Workfront in their organizations. The Innovator award recognizes customers who are blazing new trails in their organization.

Workfront Optimization Expert

Getting to “good enough” is the easy part. But optimizing processes and technologies to drive real change opens up the door to even better results. The Optimization award recognizes customers who have implemented and optimized their solution to enable exceptional business results and ROI.

Workfront Rising Star

It pays to go all-in on a new technology from the start. The Rising Star award recognizes customers who have achieved significant results within their first year of implementation.

Workfront Visionary

For digital work processes to be successful, they need to be adopted across the organization.The Visionary award recognizes customers who are deeply involved in digital transformation and driving that transformation across their entire organization.

The forward-thinking, innovative leaders at each of these companies are making huge strides to change the way work is done at their organization. Join us at Workfront Leap in Dallas May 6-9 to hear the winners and finalists  in each category.

Workfront Lion Award finalists and winners in London will be announced in the coming weeks.