Rearrange, rotate, and delete PDF pages with Acrobat online services

PDF is one of the most versatile and consistent document formats in the world, so it is no wonder professionals and hobbyists in many industries depend on them for creating and sharing beautiful, high-quality documents and projects. But as documents move from one user to another, they may be changed, rotated, or rearranged to meet the needs of the individual. If you have run into frustrating PDF formatting problems or need to quickly clean up a document before you send it out, Adobe Acrobat has the solution.

Take the hassle out of organizing PDF documents with Adobe

For all those infrequent or casual Acrobat users who have struggled to organize PDF files or rearrange PDF pages to meet their needs, Adobe now offers free, online PDF tools that can simplify three basic organizational PDF tasks. The Rotate, Reorder, and Delete PDF pages tools are easy to use and provide quick solutions for users who need to make limited changes to a document.

How to rotate a PDF

At one time or another, we have all opened a PDF document to discover that it is upside-down or rotated the wrong way. Next time that happens, instead of flipping your computer screen or risking a kink in your neck, use the free online Rotate PDF Pages tool to rotate individual pages within a PDF document. With this tool, you can be sure that clients, coworkers, and collaborators are always seeing materials the way they were meant to be seen.

Educators and students are also relying on PDF more than ever due to the COVID pandemic, and incorrectly rotated PDF documents are forcing many to print long assignments or sources in order to read them correctly. The Rotate PDF Pages tool can save them the trouble by enabling a simple flip from directly within your browser.

How to rearrange PDF pages

For professionals who regularly reuse standard documents, contracts, or presentations that require minimal tweaks or rearrangements from client to client, the free online Reorder PDF Pages tool can save serious time. In the past, you likely needed to convert the necessary PDF to a different file format in order to remove or rearrange specific pages before converting the entire file back to PDF for sharing. Now, you can finish the task in your browser, with zero conversions and zero wasted time.

Teachers can also use the Reorder PDF Tool to change the location of units or assignments within a syllabus or lesson plan, while students can rearrange PDF pages to help organize group projects, presentations, or papers.

How to delete PDF pages

In some situations, it is better to delete unnecessary pages from a larger PDF document before sending or saving them. With the free online Delete PDF Pages tool, you can make sure that your recipients are not stuck scanning a massive document for key information and that you are not wasting storage space. Professionals can remove duplicate or unnecessary pages from reports, contracts, or other communications in order to make them more manageable, clean, and get them ready for distribution.

Educators who rely on PDF to share reading assignments or course texts can also make things easier for themselves and their students by deleting irrelevant pages before sending the materials, leaving only those pages students actually need.

Stay organized to stay on task

The Rotate, Reorder, and Delete PDF Pages tools are the perfect solution for standalone PDF organization problems but remember — you can only use these free tools once per day. If you need to work with PDF files more frequently, or if you need to do more with a PDF, such as insert new pages, convert between PDF and other file formats, directly edit text and images within a PDF, combine different PDF assets into a single document, or directly share a PDF with other Acrobat users, you’ll need the full version of Adobe Acrobat.

If you want to explore the full capabilities of Acrobat, sign up for a free trial today to unlock all the powerful PDF tools included with Adobe Acrobat.