Create Digital, Interactive, and Fillable Worksheets

If you’re an educator, you already know that your work is all about passion — driven by the look in a child’s eye when a concept clicks, or by a heartfelt thank you on the last day of class. For more than 90 million educators around the globe, teaching is a true labor of love that doesn’t stop when class concludes. And like your students, you have homework too, which involves hours of prepping and planning for future lessons. All that work usually means a lot of paperwork.

If you’re an elementary school teacher, creating one simple worksheet of word or math problems typically involves making 30+ photocopies and handing them out during class. A middle school English teacher may want to create a friendly reading competition with a list of books for students to read and check off as a way to increase their love of literature and instill a sense of accomplishment.

In each of these scenarios, students are expected to fill out and hand in worksheets. That’s easy when everything happens live in the classroom, but nowadays the problem lies in the paper process itself. Getting those worksheets to kids, walking them through the exercise, and getting the results back is more challenging in today’s learn-from-home environment. You’re now faced with developing new ways of creating, distributing, and collecting assignments that you didn’t need to consider a few months ago.

Luckily, Adobe Acrobat makes it easy for you to create fun, fillable, interactive PDF forms that are easy to create, send, fill out and return from any device. Planning and learning in a familiar way can continue even while everyone is out of the classroom. You can even share PDF forms with your students via email or upload it to Google Drive or Google Classroom.

See the quick tutorial below, or click here, to learn more about creating these interactive PDF worksheets for your students. (P.S. we call them fillable forms but don’t let that scare you away!)

  1. Open Acrobat:

Click on the Tools tab and select Prepare Form.

  1. Select any worksheet file or scan (bonus points for using the free Adobe Scan app!):

Acrobat will automatically analyze your document and add form fields.

  1. Add additional form fields anywhere, if needed:

Use the top toolbar and adjust the layout using tools in the right pane.

  1. Save your now-fillable PDF worksheet:

You can now share it with others via email or upload it to Google Drive or Google Classroom. You can even click Distribute to collect responses automatically.