3 ways we obsess over customers in uncertain times

A woman sits in her home office working a tablet

Thank you for being a customer, and thank you for being part of the Workfront community.

At Workfront, one of our values is Obsess Over Customers. It’s the reason our customers remain top of mind as we navigate these uncertain times together. It’s the reason we cancelled our live Leap conferences in Orlando and London, and are building a Leap Virtual Conference instead. And it’s the reason we transparently communicated our business continuity plans with all customers.

Our Obsess Over Customers value is also an integral part of our internal performance coaching process. When we evaluate ourselves, we ask three questions:

It was with these behaviors in mind that we started asking ourselves how we can help our customers. What can we do to help people do their best work in the middle of the massive dislocation we are all going through?

We came up with three ideas to support current customers:

1—Free customer consultation sessions.

One of the most popular parts of our annual Leap conference are the customer consultation sessions because they give us a chance to help you tailor Workfront to your business situation. We are making these consultations available now to help with your current business situation and figure out the best way to manage your virtual workforce. Use this link to sign up for a customer consultation session.

2—Unlimited Collaborator licenses.

As a reminder, all customers have access to unlimited Collaborator licenses. If you need additional Collaborator licenses to connect your remote employees and teams, reach out to your account executive. We'll happily take care of that for you.

3—Expanded use of Workfront.

Finally, we have given our account teams tremendous flexibility to support our customers using Workfront to manage a crisis response. If your team needs to expand your usage of Workfront for crisis response management, please contact your account executive and we will get you what you need.

Give us a chance to live up to our value of Obsess Over Customers!