Optimizing operations—How Accenture and Workfront streamline marketing for the life sciences industry

Headshot of Jon Brooks, Managing Director, Life Sciences, Accenture

Large marketing organizations are under tremendous pressure to stay in constant alignment with the changing needs of their customers while navigating unpredictable and sometimes extreme market forces.

Companies that are weathering this storm best have increasingly focused on optimizing operations. This is such an important point that an astounding 93% of high-performing organizations have identified optimizing operations as critical to achieving this dynamic execution across channels.

Accenture and Workfront partner together to help our clients do just that—optimize operations to accelerate speed to market while improving the customer experience. And while all industries are feeling these pressures, the life sciences sector sits on the front lines of unprecedented opportunity and urgency.

The life sciences industry: unique challenges.

Accenture has a front-row seat to the unique challenges life sciences marketing leaders face. Not only are they tasked with increasing speed to market and optimizing the customer experience with less budget, they also face the roadblocks and delays caused by the risk management and compliance issues of a highly regulated industry.

Many marketing leaders suffer from poor visibility into processes, workflows, and communication channels, but the nature of life sciences makes these problems even more pressing. It’s no surprise that 90% of biopharma CEOs believe that orchestrating complex ecosystems will become a core marketing activity.

Macro trends are adding even more pressure. The industry itself has shifted to focus on the end-to-end patient journey, outcome-based services, and more efficient operating models, all of which require new technology, business models, and products. And all within a broader ecosystem that insists every company runs faster, does more, and changes constantly—with fewer and fewer resources.

Work management connects the dots.

The Workfront enterprise work management platform optimizes operations by connecting people, systems, and data from within and outside an organization across the entire marketing process. As a result, marketers can identify roadblocks, manage resources, reduce repetition, increase accuracy and quality, and have the visibility to make the right decisions.

As part of Accenture’s digital transformation engagements with life sciences organizations, Workfront integrates with Veeva Vault PromoMats, the leading provider of MLR governance technology and Digital Asset Management (DAM). The Veeva Vault PromoMats application automates governance of the complex Medical, Legal, and Regulatory (MLR) review process and provides tools for managing customers’ digital libraries. Workfront provides an essential connection between the MLR process and other key marketing work processes.

Jeff Gorski, Director, Strategy, Veeva Systems, describes the value like this: “Veeva is committed to empowering our customers to make the most of their investments. In working with our partners, customers have greater choice and ability to derive value throughout the digital supply chain.” Workfront’s integration with Veeva Vault PromoMats ­­extends the rich set of capabilities for the MLR and DAM processes that our customers have come to rely on by enabling marketers to optimize campaign execution and enhance the business user experience. The ability to pass data between the two platforms reduces cycle times and provides visibility, collaboration, and increased efficiency across the E2E lifecycle so teams can deliver innovation to market faster.”

Thanks to Accenture and Workfront’s unique partnership, marketing leaders in life sciences can now connect the end-to-end content lifecycle from campaign brief to distribution, powering smarter ways of working that accelerate the ability to create personalized customer experiences, efficiently and at scale.

For more information about how your life sciences organization can optimize operations across your entire marketing process, download “Empowering Life Sciences Marketing and Transformation Leaders to Work Better, Smarter, And Faster.”