23 best dropshipping products to sell online

23 best dropshipping products to sell online

Dropshipping allows entrepreneurs to start a new business or test out the market for new products with lower upfront capital. Since products aren’t ordered from suppliers until an end customer places an order, sellers can launch an online store in a leaner fashion than a store that orders and manages inventory at a physical location.

In dropshipping, the quality of the product and the supplier can have a major impact on operational success. Therefore, you should take a number of factors into consideration when choosing the best dropshipping products for your business, including:

Product research tools

Given the millions of products available online, it can seem daunting to find the right dropshipping product to sell. However, there are numerous analysis and research tools available to help narrow the search with some examples, including:

23 dropshipping products

There are so many market niches to choose from when researching new products. To help you get started finding your first winning dropshipping product, we’ve compiled a list of 23 trending products across different niches you could start dropshipping with today.

1. Smartphone wireless earbuds

Price: $1.78-3.99
Supplier: Jiabosi

Products like the Apple AirPods have become very trendy over the past few years, yet they are small and easy to lose. Additionally, Apple and other branded earbuds major brands can cost hundreds of dollars. Given the low cost of the off-brand versions, you can capture the cost-sensitive shoppers who are looking for comparable products at a good value.

2. Jade stone beauty roller

Price: $4.87-12.25
Supplier: PB Store

Jade stones have been known for their healing effects and have become popular in the beauty and personal care market segments. The Jade stone roller is commonly used to prevent aging, wrinkles, and darkness under eyes. Since this product is designed to solve specific beauty and health problems, you could create marketing material targeting these specific customers.

3. Colorful iPhone case

Price $1.42-2.74
Supplier: Nemo Parts Store

The iPhone case is a classic dropshipping product as the market is very large and international, and we all know how consumers love to regularly upgrade their phones. Since this product solves a common problem — damage from dropping your iPhone — you can create clever marketing materials to capture the public's attention.

4. Outdoor camera with AI human detection

Price: $22.92-48.96
Supplier: ANBIUX

Home security is an international commodity. This particular outdoor camera has a rotating base that automatically tracks motion outside so homeowners know exactly what is happening outside of their homes. Given the buzz around artificial intelligence-powered devices which make up the Internet of Things, there’s plenty of opportunity to create marketing materials that utilize powerful features and help keep customers safe.

5. Portable pet water bottle and dispenser

Price: $13.33-16.68
Supplier:Le Tao-Home Store

Cat and dog owners who take their pets on long walks or trips know the absolute pain of carrying around and filling a standard water bowl. This bottle solves this difficult problem by automatically dispensing small amounts of water into an attached bowl. A demonstration video can provide engaging marketing material geared toward any pet owner, which is a large and engaged market segment.

6. Adjustable baby carrying backpack

Price: $15.96
Supplier: Healthy Babies & Relaxed Mommy Store

Parents on the go need a safe and comfortable way to carry their babies. Traditional carrying bags provide a small number of possible positions. However, this revolutionary adjustable bag can be adjusted to a variety of comfortable positions for your baby throughout the day. The market for the product is significant, and it’s relatively easy to target the correct segment of the market. Social media platforms like Facebook allow targeting parents of children across different age ranges.

7. Personalized name necklace and bracelet

Price: $2.99-4.79
Supplier: Lemegeton

Personalized products are very popular as gifts. Necklaces and bracelets are often the go-to for these types of gifts as they’re personal and viewed as affectionate. Therefore, this product can be marketed to those with an upcoming anniversary, during the holidays, or to friends of people with a major upcoming life event.

8. Phone stand with ring light

Price: $6.62-12.56
Supplier: BTFOOR

With so many people starting online YouTube and social media channels, there’s a huge demand for affordable photography equipment. Many of these people choose to start by using their phones cameras to save money, which opens a market for self-service phone stands and lights. This phone stand can be marketed toward any type of creator looking for good deals early in their career.

9. Cake-cutting tool

Price: $2.98-3.17
Supplier: TTLIFE Fondant World Store

People who bake a lot know how hard it can be to make a clean cut through a cake or other large baked product. This cake-cutting tool solves this frustrating problem using a simple handle with a stainless-steel wire.

10. Car blindspot mirror

Price: $4.99
Supplier: Baseus

Blind spots on cars cause nearly 840,000 accidents per year. However, only select cars have any types of sensors or other technology to help drivers identify cars in their blind spots. This product provides an affordable way for drivers to expand the view of the side of their cars to avoid accidents.

11. Photochromic sunglasses

Price: $3.98
Supplier: Santa Claus Store

Photochromic sunglasses are sunglasses that change lens color as more ultraviolet light enters them. Prescription versions of these can be very expensive. However, from the right supplier you can offer a budget-friendly version and market to those with sensitive eyes a pair of glasses capable of automatically changing colors based on brightness.

12. Ergonomic computer desk

Price: $18.32-41.36
Supplier: Coucou Store

With more and more people working from home, there’s a growing market for products to help people with their posture and ease back pain while working. This is particularly the case for adjustable desks that allow users to work either standing up or sitting down.

13. Remote control drone

Price: $29.20-70.23
Supplier: EACHINE

Drones have been growing in popularity in recent years. Hobbyists and creators alike can use them to film videos, take pictures, and explore. As drones are typically an expensive product, there’s an opportunity to provide value for individuals looking for a good quality drone but don’t have the budget to buy one of the larger name brands.

14. Yoga pants

Price: $10.08
Supplier: LO LI Sportswear

Yoga pants have become a go-to in the athleisure trend. Since the top brands run at a premium, there’s an opportunity to sell comparable quality for a good value. Consumers who buy the product are likely more health conscious, so the marketing can focus on individuals who pursue an active, healthy lifestyle.

15. Elastic food cover

Price: $9.43-10.08
Supplier: TESHOM

People who cook a lot at home typically have a lot of leftovers and need containers of all different sizes. Many people cover open containers such as bowls with one-time covers like polyethylene food wrap. With more consumers focused on eco-friendly products, this product can be marketed as a way to minimize waste while keeping food fresh.

16. Eyelash extensions

Price: $1.85-2.59
Supplier: Visofree

Eyelash extensions are an incredibly popular beauty product and a staple in the make-up artist industry. Beauty influencers on social platforms like YouTube and Instagram have broadened the market even further by showing off different styles and application techniques. These products can be marketed at a range of price points, from lower prices for people to use day-to-day to more expensive as a luxe product.

17. Travel organizer bags

Price: $7.14-17.03
Supplier: RU Putin

Whether it’s fitting everything into the suitcase or obsessively organizing so as not to forget anything, packing for travel can be stressful. This product can help reduce the clutter and keep different items compartmentalized in a suitcase or other luggage. The bags are waterproof and come in a variety of different colors.

18. Smart light bulb

Price: $4.91-29.52
Supplier: Rayh

With the rise of virtual assistants such as Alexa and Google Home, energy-saving products have emerged to provide a modern spin on classic home appliances. This product can be marketed to home technology enthusiasts who can show off their programmed and voice-controlled light settings to their friends and family.

19. Fishing hooks

Price: $4.48
Supplier: bearking

Fishing enthusiasts are very passionate about their sport. Bargain hooks and fishing lures are an attractive, low-cost alternative to more expensive options, helping you reel in more customers. From a marketing perspective, you have an opportunity to tailor advertising content and hook their attention.

20. Vibrating body massager

Price: $62.21-89.89

People who work out frequently in gyms are very passionate about their active lifestyle. While this vibrating body massager could be marketed as general purpose, you’ll find it’s geared primarily toward the fitness community as a post-workout rehabilitation tool. This is a good example of how a general product can be targeted toward a specific niche to maximize marketing results.

21. Luxury watches

Price: $3.19-4.69
Supplier: ELVAWANG

Affordable luxury is a popular online segment, as it helps marketers advertise to individuals who are interested in luxury fashion products but don’t have the budget to spend on a designer brand. Given the low cost of this product, it can be marked at a competitive price and marketed as a value option for those looking for fashionable — yet functional — watches.

22. LED tire light

Price: $1.15
Supplier: FORAUTO

Car enthusiasts are another passionate group that regularly meet up online and offline to show off their vehicles and accessories. If you can provide an interesting product to this group, you have an opportunity for organic marketing as people can potentially share your product across social media and other digital forums. LED tire lights are an easy way for people to illuminate their cars at night in a showy way.

23. Running belt fanny packs

Price: $2.98
Supplier: Future Stars Store

Runners often like to take their phones with them when they run to listen to music. However, most don’t like to carry them in their hands for long distances and devices can bounce when placed in pockets. The running belt — also known as the fanny pack — solves a problem most in the running community have faced, and there are many online runner communities you can market to.

Setting up an ecommerce site for your new dropshipping product

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