The Art of Social Sharing: 5 Social Campaign Ideas to Get Your Audience Engaged

As Ralph Waldo Emerson put it “our best thoughts come from others”. An excellent way to get your audience engaged, is to provide them with a reason to share your message on their social networks.  A recent Nielson Survey showed that only 15% of buyers believe what a brand has to say about itself. In contrast, the same study showed that 76% believe what their peers have to say about a brand. That is a huge difference. So, how can you compel your loyal fans to share?

Why Do People Share?

Think of your fans that share as your influencers. They follow your brand and share your content to all of their followers. Especially if your influencer has a large database of fans, these are the people you should be targeting with your b2b social media campaigns. Get your influencers to share your content with their peers!

But what makes people share? Here are the top 5 motivators that we found:

Be sure to keep these motivators in mind when you are crafting your email marketing messaging and creating your social campaigns. By doing so, you can appeal to your audience’s emotions, which can ultimately drive shares.

Campaigns to excite and engage

When working with social sharing, make sure that your campaigns are creative. Remember to do some initial content testing before you create and plan your campaign. Always pay attention to assets that have the highest download counts, and to the Facebook or Twitter conversations that have the most interactions. Once you have decided on a subject matter, then you are ready for you first social sharing campaign.

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