The Best Print Magazines for Marketing Managers

best print magazines for marketing managers

If you’re like many marketing managers, then you’re on a constant lookout for strategies, tools, and ideas that will enhance your work and improve your chances for personal and professional growth. Thankfully, there are many marketing publications that are specifically geared toward the everyday nuts and bolts of the marketing profession. There are also some magazines that look at business with a wider lens. Less specific in nature but no less helpful, these marketing magazines and publications can inspire you with broader, more high-level strategy thinking. Suffice to say, you aren’t hurting for choice.

In fact, when it comes to adding one or more business title to your subscription list, you’ll see that there is a slew of print magazines to consider. Why print? Isn’t print dead? Personally, I find that there is something tangible to receiving a magazine by mail and holding it in my fingers rather than consuming it exclusively on my phone or tablet.

As much as I love print, I also enjoy the flexibility of reading magazines on mobile devices and even my desktop. Many of these recommended marketing magazines come with digital subscription options in addition to old school print version.

The following are among the best choices for today’s marketing managers. Covering everything from global business concept to the minutia of individual marketing channels, you can’t go wrong with these eight titles.

Advertising Age

Advertising Age has been in publication for more than 80 years and continues to be one of the leading resources for marketing-related news. From strategy and analysis to creative inspiration, Advertising Age is a must-have for marketing managers who want to stay at the top of their game. Advertising Age is a print publication but also offers varying membership levels that include unlimited access to, as well as special features such as webcasts and member trend reports.


Adweek is an excellent news source for all things related to marketing, advertising, and media, with particular emphasis on the role of digital media. Its print publication includes features such as agency profiles, creative showcases, data points, and industry awards. Subscribers also have the option to add an iPad edition to their subscription. Amongst the bonus material included in the iPad edition is a real-time newsfeed, and video and photo galleries that include featured ads of the week.

Chief Content Officer

Chief Content Officer, or CCO, is a globally distributed marketing publication that specifically focuses on content marketers and the tools, technologies, and processes that are proving successful in the marketing field. CCO is published every other month and is available in both print and digital form. A subscription to CCO is free (with the exception of international subscriptions that require a shipping and handling fee), so there’s really no reason not to check out this publication.

Direct Marketing News

Direct Marketing News focuses on providing marketers with insights, knowledge, and industry information that will lead to business success and profitable revenue development. Digital Marketing News provides that insight by covering a comprehensive range of marketing topics such as data, strategy, and technology. In addition to its monthly print publication, Digital Marketing News also offers a digital edition, email newsletters, and an iPad app. Though perhaps this isn’t surprising given the publication’s title!

Harvard Business Review

Harvard Business Review is like the Bible of all things business. It covers a broad range of topics including marketing, technology, strategy, communication, decision making, leadership, and even work/life balance. Although it does not focus solely on marketing matters, HBR is a must for marketing managers who want to gain a better understanding of the business world at large and how to set yourself up for career and personal success. Harvard Business Review is printed ten times and year, and subscription options include a print plus online version, and a print plus online plus tablet version.

Marketing Week

This weekly print publication gathers information on the tools, case studies, and trends that are being used by the biggest names in marketing. Marketing Week offers a free digital version and print subscriptions are available for distribution across the globe. Available for free on a weekly basis, Marketing Week should earn a place on your Bookmark list at the very least!


Forbes is primarily a financial publication and for many, it’s best known for its annual lists of the richest Americans, most powerful women, et al. But its articles cover a broad range of topics, including business, technology, entrepreneurship, and leadership – all of which may be of interest to you as a marketing manager. Like Harvard Business Review, this publication is one of the big names in the industry, and you can’t go wrong adding it to your read list.

Fast Company

Fast Company looks at the business world with a focus on innovation, design, and creativity. Targeted towards a younger audience than that which typically picks up the latest copy of Forbes magazine, Fast Company is one of those publications for those looking to broaden their creative and strategic thinking. A one-year subscription includes ten print issues as well as access to an iPad edition. If you’re looking for content that covers the latest trends, ideologies, theories, and more, this is the magazine for you.

Our International Reading Recommendations

In addition to these U.S. publications (some of which offer global distribution), we also have recommendations for our international readers. Marketing magazines available in Canada include Strategy and Marketing Magazine, both of which provide invaluable insight on industry topics.

U.K. publications include Marketing, Media Week, The Drum, and Brand Republic. And finally, for those residing in Australia, we recommend B&T Magazine.

Like their American counterparts, these publications will keep you up-to-date on the latest tools, practices, and trends in the world of marketing.

What are your favorite marketing magazines? Share them in the comments below.