Under Armour delivers a better brand experience in a global market

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While keeping pace with the insatiable demand for new assets, marketers also need to find the most effective technologies to help organize their work and boost efficiency through automation. I hosted a live global webinar with two leaders in their fields—Mike Carley, Product Strategy & Marketing Manager at Adobe and Ben Snyder, Product Analyst at Under Armour—to explore these challenges and demonstrate how deploying the right technology can help businesses provide a great brand experience for their customers.

Mike and Ben shared their expertise in the digital asset management tools available to marketing teams and explained how to combine these tools with enterprise work management technology to enhance, streamline, and accelerate global branding and marketing campaigns.

Keeping pace with change.

Anyone in marketing will tell you the world of work is changing. We all know that teams are increasingly spread across geographies, and that delivering marketing assets requires collaboration across multiple functions. But the proliferation of digital communication tools available to support this work can add confusion and delay to processes that need to be responsive and agile.

Delivering personalization at scale.

In the webinar, Mike talks about the tools available to help marketers balance multiple priorities and demands. He believes the unifying goal facing all digital marketing teams today is the need to deliver “personalization at scale.”

Marketers are expected to categorize customers into increasingly granular segments so brands can deliver targeted and personalized messages that resonate with each individual. Mike demonstrated the sheer volume of assets that marketing teams need to produce each year to meet this personalization requirement. He suggested that the solution is to take a more holistic view of the entire asset production process, from conception and production to delivery and optimization—and to inject efficiencies at every stage.

This is precisely what Adobe Experience Manager is designed to do, providing a central platform for managing the entire asset lifecycle and helping marketing teams to get the right content to the right people at the right time. Adding efficiency at every stage accelerates this process from start to finish, helping teams to maximize what Mike calls “content velocity.”

Joined-up thinking from Under Armour.

Combining Adobe Experience Manager with an enterprise work management application platform offers a powerful way to optimize efficiencies, from the initial briefing and creative stages to approvals, compliance, and delivery. It provides a central repository for tracking and managing every stage of asset production. It’s something that global sporting apparel giant Under Armour has implemented very successfully, as Ben Snyder explains during the webinar.

Under Armour has a vast portfolio of products across multiple categories. Its marketing team works closely with hundreds of partners to deliver more than 300,000 creative assets, critical projects, and campaigns each year. Ben explained how connecting Workfront and Adobe Experience Manager has helped the company deliver an enhanced brand experience for every customer in a highly competitive marketplace, enabling the company to address three priorities:

  1. Centralizing asset delivery—to give everyone visibility of projects and progress.
  2. Unifying communications globally—to provide a consistent brand experience worldwide.
  3. Clarifying asset approvals—to make the approval process simpler and faster.

Brand asset production made simpler.

If you’re battling burgeoning workloads and the rapid pace of change in marketing, listen to the webinar to learn how to meet deadlines on multiple campaigns, focus the right people on the right work, and use automation to free up more time for creativity and innovation. Insights from the webinar can help you make the process of delivering global marketing assets simpler, more resource efficient, and more effective.