10 Adobe Summit sessions to supercharge your digital asset management

Here are 10 DAM good reasons to attend Adobe Summit

Organizations are feeling the heat to find ways to scale and deliver content in a tight economy. From a research study, 68% agree it’s getting harder to produce content on a global scale. Getting content out to the right place, at the right time, and to the right audience has become more convoluted than ever when you’re pressured to be scrappy but also keep up with content demands. And 85% of marketers say they are under pressure to create assets and deliver campaigns more quickly.

Being efficient is the name of the game this year, and organizations are turning to strategies to be lean while building their content supply chain. But how do you get there? At this year’s Adobe Summit, March 20–23, we’ll showcase strategies to help you scale today’s demands that support personalization across the customer journey.

It starts with the foundation

Finding the right assets to build content for your many campaigns can be daunting. You’re spending more energy and time looking for assets or coordinating with different teams through a complex workflow. Most teams turn to digital asset management (DAM) platforms to help them streamline these processes. When introducing new technology, creating a content architecture of workflows, permissions, and authoring models — setting your DAM right is paramount.

You must first tame the content zoo in your organization to help onboard your team fast, foster adoption, and achieve content velocity. That means designing a unified content strategy that spans taxonomy, metadata, and reusability of assets. Construct workflows and structure with your teams to seamlessly pass assets down from creation to delivery, leveraging the technology for effective collaboration. These are examples of foundational strategies that can get you up and running in under 30 days.

Learn more on how to start fast and scale with a strong foundation at Summit. Check out these sessions:

Build Your DAM Right in a Content Zoo — Transform your content zoo repository with a single and scalable digital asset management system.

Content Strategy and Architecture: Design to Drive Velocity — Learn the main elements of why content architecture and a holistic view of strategy are critical to content velocity.

Get Started with DAM in Less than 30 Days — Get the inside scoop on best practices and tips to successfully deploy your DAM and get up and running fast.

Automate your content

It can take 12 days to create and deliver 1 piece of content. Automating content creation is a must in today’s demands, especially when personalization is what’s getting your customers engaged. From a research study, 30% of creative work could be automated to reclaim time for more creativity and innovation.

With the right tools in place, allowing access for more users across the organization to generate content helps you scale. The key is democratizing content creation and empowering more users to create content within guidelines. For example, a marketer can create simple branded banners fast within the DAM. From that one file, the DAM can create thousands of content variations within minutes. IT and developers can also unlock customized automation for the entire enterprise by creating custom profiles, segmentations, and localization to personalize web media at scale. It’s breaking the creative team free of mundane tasks or preventing overspending from outside agencies.

From there, that content can be optimized and delivered to various marketing channels. It’s one thing to create content from one place, but you need to get it out of the DAM. That is when dynamic delivery helps increase performance across any screen size, device, or channel, generating publishing versions, and delivering interactive emerging media to increase customer engagement and higher conversion.

Learn how fast your entire organization can speed up content creation production and delivery. Check out these Summit sessions:

5 Ways to Create and Deliver Content Variations Faster— Evolve your DAM to a powerful content generation workspace to automate the creation and delivery of assets and get to market faster.

3 Steps to Ultra-Fast Content Creation with Adobe Express — Get the first look at how integration of Adobe Experience Manager Assets and Adobe Express empowers more users in the organization to create content.

Advanced Developer Tips to Automate and Scale Creative Output — IT and developers can get their hands on the tools that automate repeatable tasks and scale their content creation process.

Channel Tsunami: Surf the Wave of Automatic Content Creation — Give your creative and marketing teams superpowers to increase your team’s creative output and target engagement across a wide variety of channels.

Spearhead your content supply chain

Creating content goes beyond the marketing team, and it can extend across the enterprise. Creative and design teams produce user experience, and video teams produce in-house content. Product management designs and develops products using 3D, imagery, and other visualization tools. Marketing owns branding, creative content, sales enablement, or websites. Commerce needs rich visual assets to transact with customers or prospects.

All these teams need one central place to access these assets throughout the planning, production, and delivery phases. They need a single, robust system like a DAM that increases asset reuse, shares and distributes assets, supports collaboration, approves fast, and improves customer engagement. Through robust solutions and integrations, it can help optimize internal operations and better manage multiple workflows for planning, increase production output, and deliver them to campaigns to drive business growth. Plus, data and insights are reviewed throughout the journey to see where your campaign is landing or how you need to pivot. These elements empower you to build your content supply chain as your organization grows.

These Summit sessions will help you spark ideas on how to scale your content supply chain:

Building a Content Supply Chain that Scales with DAM — Learn how our customers achieved a crawl, walk, run approach to align content strategy to build their content supply chain.

Enterprise Video: Unlock Content Velocity and ROI with Adobe Experience Manager Assets — Streamline the video content lifecycle with your DAM, starting with video production to delivery.

Adobe Experience Manager Assets: Top DAM Innovations — Get a sneak peek at the exciting innovations for Experience Manager Assets.

Once you have your foundation in place and are automating manual processes, you’ll be well on your way to building a successful content supply chain. Consider this your guide for this year’s Summit sessions for Experience Manager Assets. Watch the innovations in action, get your hands on powerful solutions, and hear how our customers achieved a solid content supply chain as their organization grew through today’s digital demands. Register for the Summit sessions that stand out to you now.

Shelly Chiang focuses on Experience Manager Assets product strategy and marketing for content automation and immersive experiences, bringing creativity and personalization at scale, all within the DAM. Before Adobe, she led go-to-market strategy in the low-code automation and analytics space. She is passionate about connecting customers to information that brings better experiences.