Activate content faster with Content Hub in Experience Manager Assets

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Content volume continues to rise, especially as more organizations adopt generative AI. As content gets created for multiple channels, teams, agencies, and partners, businesses need more effective ways to collaborate and govern without slowing the process.

Organizations face challenges activating digital assets at scale — such as content silos, lack of governance, and manual processes. For example, finding the right assets to piece together for a campaign can take days, moving through multiple systems and requiring lengthy review and approval processes. A digital asset management (DAM) solution has become more critical for unifying assets, ensuring governance, empowering collaboration, and scaling personalization efforts.

Adobe Experience Manager Assets — a cloud-native DAM — taps into generative AI capabilities to help teams solve these challenges and deliver more impactful content faster. Organizations maintain access to their assets through an intuitive portal — so content is searchable, managed, organized, and governed according to brand policies and regulatory guidelines.

Introducing Content Hub

Enterprises need to be able to easily find and use brand-approved content across teams, systems, partners, and agencies for downstream work to happen. With Content Hub, an intuitive distribution portal within Experience Manager Assets, teams can quickly discover approved assets for reuse or inspiration and activate content across all distribution channels throughout the organization.

Non-creative users can generate content variations for downstream activities using Adobe Express and Adobe Firefly, reducing reliance on creative teams and agencies. Variations are then saved back to the DAM, which kicks off governance and management flows.

Brand integrity

All content in Content Hub is created and activated with brand consistency and compliance across touchpoints. This makes it easier to scale content without having to worry about the use of non-approved or unlicensed assets, which can have massive legal implications and risk.

When remixing assets using the Adobe Express integration, brand guardrails with built-in controls keep variations compliant. Asset retrieval isn’t limited to creative and marketing teams. Internal teams and external partners can access brand-approved assets. For example, sales can use these assets and create variations to build pitch decks tailored to specific customers. Likewise, HR can use approved assets to create recruitment content for an upcoming college hiring event.


Content Hub brings a powerful search experience to any type of user for instant access to brand-approved assets. It streamlines the content creation and distribution process, reducing the time and effort required to manage the flow of finding, managing, and sharing assets across the enterprise.

For example, a large enterprise can manage multiple brands within one organization. These brands need access to approved assets for each of their campaigns. With Content Hub, multiple brands can manage assets in one place. Content Hub’s integration with Adobe Express, powered by the generative AI capabilities of Adobe Firefly, allows marketers to reuse approved content, make simple in-content edits, generate content variations for personalization or localization efforts, and save updated variations to the DAM for the appropriate approvals.


Content Hub streamlines the distribution of approved assets to teams, agencies, and systems, making it easier for users to find and activate content across web, mobile, and application channels. For example, approved external agencies can access Content Hub to develop content for a campaign, or a reseller can find approved assets to create the digital promotion of their summer catalog. Once content has been delivered, Content Hub presents usage metrics in a user-friendly dashboard, so enterprises can gather the insights needed to make decisions for programs and campaigns.

Content Hub in Experience Manager Assets lets you easily find branded content and provides inspiration by showcasing the most valuable assets through an intuitive portal. It radically expands content consumption enterprise-wide, accelerates time to activation, and simplifies remixing content into variations with the proper governance. Teams get the speed and scale they need to strategically control their digital assets, from initial creation to activation, with Experience Manager Assets.

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Shelly Chiang focuses on Experience Manager Assets product strategy for generative AI and immersive experiences, bringing creativity and personalization at scale, all within the DAM. Before her time at Adobe, she led go-to-market strategy in the low-code automation and digital analytics space. She’s passionate about connecting customers to information that brings better experiences.