Adobe Advertising — beyond search with cross-channel performance

Adobe Advertising — beyond search with cross-channel performance

It's time for performance management to evolve. The power of authenticated consumer touchpoints across walled gardens and publisher networks is becoming increasingly valuable because advertisers demand more performance efficiency within and across these channels.

To help solve this problem, Adobe Advertising is launching Search, Social & Commerce to help brands connect more channels and deliver performance efficiencies in a single platform. Adobe Advertising supports closed and open ecosystems, including social platforms. As a result, brands can effectively predict and plan where their digital investments are spent, expand AI-powered optimization using Adobe Sensei to new formats, and centralize dynamic insights across channels to drive actionable optimization opportunities.

Fragmentation begets innovation

The marketing landscape is constantly changing, and navigating it is challenging at best. Marketers face pressures to drive customer value with digital investment as priorities adjust to changing privacy standards, and economic headwinds affect operational resources and marketing budgets. In a survey by Adobe, 47% of marketing leaders are testing different cookieless solutions to build stronger customer relationships. According to a report by Ascend2, 43% of marketing leaders aim to improve their customer experience, and 38% want to accomplish this with improved staff time spent executing their strategies. This expectation comes simultaneously as digital ad spend growth estimates decreased in 2022 to just 5.1%, compared to the nearly 20% average yearly growth in the last decade, meaning marketers will have to do more with even less.

Furthermore, new publishers with proprietary personalization systems are constantly emerging, turning walled gardens into content fortresses. This consolidation results in fragmentation between targeting and measurement, making it harder for marketers to understand the holistic value of their media. And finally, search is no longer just paid search. Google and Microsoft continue to bring innovation that influences buying decisions for customers across shopping and commerce experiences through Performance Max and Microsoft Audience Network. Measurement strategies are not immune from fragmentation either, as Clean Rooms continue to gain traction while industry standardization continues to take shape.

This is where Adobe Advertising Search, Social & Commerce comes into play. Previously, these changes may have felt insurmountable — balancing new systems and costs on a more complex campaign that requires cross-organizational adoption is a lot to ask. But Adobe Advertising Search, Social & Commerce seamlessly connects marketers’ Adobe enterprise data from Adobe Real-Time CDP, Audience Manager, and Analytics with publisher automation to maximize performance efficiency and adapt to changing customer experiences.

Continuing our effort to provide next-level automation across all ecosystems, we’re excited to announce that Adobe Advertising is supporting Meta within the Search, Social & Commerce experience. This offering brings advertisers a single touchpoint that combines performance and optimization across Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp campaigns alongside their current publisher networks. The update will empower brands to shape and measure the full impact of their investments in open and closed ecosystems. In addition, by bringing native support for Meta in the Adobe Advertising platform, users can:

Looking ahead

Adobe Advertising will continue to expand how advertisers use our robust AI-driven optimization capabilities in 2023 by allowing customers to import partner accounts — like additional commerce and app store platforms — into Adobe to streamline cross-channel reporting and identify impactful optimization opportunities. In addition, by centralizing paid, earned, and owned media in Adobe Advertising and Analytics, advertisers will have the flexibility to move away from an either/or to an all-of-the-above approach when it comes to driving successful business outcomes for their organization.

While the industry continues to navigate an evolving landscape by building future-proof strategies across the customer purchase journey, Adobe Advertising Search, Social & Commerce is helping brands elevate their performance with next-level automation and personalization across content fortresses and publisher networks. Reach out to your Adobe Advertising sales rep to learn more.

Patrick Byrne is a product marketing manager for Adobe Advertising with over 10 years of experience in digital advertising. Before his role in product marketing, he led a customer success management team at Adobe, supporting brand and agency partnerships. Patrick has a deep understanding of the programmatic advertising landscape, value realization of integrated technology solutions, and personalization best practices across various stages of the customer journey with a passion for helping marketers deliver successful business outcomes.