Adobe and The Weather Company partner to drive new personalization opportunities for brands

Weather is often a reliable indicator of consumer buying behaviors. For example, seasonal changes often cause a spike in demand for cold and flu medicine, while spring and summer months drive an uptick in sunscreen and swimwear sales. A change in the forecast can also impact routine daily activities like what consumers choose to eat or maintaining the upkeep of their homes. Weather changes are becoming an important data source for brands to personalize and augment the experiences they deliver online and offline.

Adobe is announcing today an expanded partnership with IBM, focused on Adobe Experience Platform (AEP) and AI-driven data from The Weather Company. It builds on a longstanding and strategic collaboration that’s anchored in helping brands navigate digital transformation and improving customer experiences.

With AEP, brands are able to build a more comprehensive view of the customer journey, bringing disparate data sets together across an organization with strict governance and a common language model. AEP customers can now leverage data from the world’s most accurate weather forecaster to build unique and robust marketing segments. It provides a deeper understanding of how weather changes can impact customer behaviors with insights that can drive new and personalized experiences across different channels. Teams can trigger relevant content, services, and offers in moments where it is helpful and intuitive for customers.

Industries such as retail, healthcare, travel, and consumer packaged goods could all benefit from access to unique insights from The Weather Company and take action on the impact it has on their consumers’ buying preferences.

For example, when heavy rain and snow is anticipated in the Northeast, a national restaurant chain could pull together a special deal for impacted areas that spotlights comfort foods and fulfillment options such as curbside pickup and home delivery, and a home improvement retailer could proactively engage audiences with road and sidewalk salt, windshield de-icer, and other safety supplies. Or if there are unusual temperature spikes in the forecast, a pharmacy chain could display products like sunscreens and aloe vera more prominently on their website.

With Adobe Experience Platform and The Weather Company, brands can better prepare for the unexpected. The unique insights this partnership offers empower brands to experiment with content, services, and promotions that speak directly to their customers’ currently realities. It helps brands offer the right experience to the right audience at exactly the right moment.