Adobe announces reimagined data egress and delivery management services for Customer Journey Analytics

Today, Adobe is announcing Customer Journey Analytics Full Table Export, a new capability that empowers you to export complete data tables with millions of rows on a scheduled or ad-hoc basis.

Complete data tables containing multiple variable breakdowns, segmentations, and calculated metrics can be exported and delivered to popular cloud destinations, including Adobe Experience Platform Landing Zone, Azure, S3, GCP, and Snowflake.

Adobe Analytics users are accustomed to using Data Warehouse to egress data out. With Adobe Customer Journey Analytics, we’ve reimagined a brand-new delivery management service that can export millions of rows to the most popular cloud destinations. And with that, teams throughout an organization will have 100% data accuracy within an enterprise data warehouse, and all teams will benefit from a single organizational source of truth. The data output from Full Table Export will be structured in the same way as current Data Warehouse reports, where values are concatenated, and all combinations are provided. Full Table Export will be particularly helpful for large online and offline combined data sets, as well as for websites receiving traffic from tens of thousands of queries per day.

With Full Table Export in Customer Journey Analytics, you can be assured of interoperability with other technologies in your stack, and you’ll be able to maximize data stability and scalability. Moreover, data analysis teams can do complex queries in seconds in Customer Journey Analytics and then export voluminous reports to any modern visualization tool, such as Power BI and Tableau, helping those teams save dramatic extract, transform, and load time, thereby minimizing costs.

Full Table Export is available for all Customer Journey Analytics customers at all packaging and provisioning levels. Learn more about FTE here.

To learn more about Customer Journey Analytics, please visit here.

Kathy Ury is a senior analytics product marketing manager at Adobe.