Adobe Campaign Introduces New Email Capabilities Powered by Creativity and Data

Imagine sitting through a play expecting a Broadway-quality performance. It turns out the play is a monologue, you don’t find it funny and simply can’t relate, so you leave halfway through. Situations like this aren’t unique to entertainment. The same stands true when it comes to consumers’ relationships with brands, and email marketing in particular. Brands must send engaging, personalized emails that surprise and delight consumers, or risk the email marketing equivalent to walking out of a play – deleting or unsubscribing.

Today at Summit, we’re unveiling new capabilities in Adobe Campaign that reimagine email marketing. It’s time to get excited about our:

Creative Designer for Email.

We’re also helping our Adobe Campaign customers address new obligations for data governance and privacy design features to comply with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). More info can be found here.

With consumers’ preference to be contacted by brands via email on the rise (source: Adobe’s annual consumer email survey), it’s vital that organizations get email right. Email marketing campaigns must put every email in context for each individual to deliver a standout customer experience. This is precisely why we’re so focused on innovating – so our customers can delight their customers.