Adobe Experience Cloud: Our prescription for digital healthcare

Adobe will unveil new solutions for the healthcare industry at this year’s Adobe Summit conference.

The pandemic has had a profound effect on how healthcare is consumed and delivered. It created a high demand for virtual, touchless services among consumers of all ages as well as powerful incentives for healthcare providers to deliver them. And now that we’ve entered the third year of the pandemic, it’s clear that the digital transformation of healthcare won’t end anytime soon.

Today, the adoption of digital healthcare services is widespread, with both boomers and millennials embracing it. Consumers increasingly expect their healthcare providers to offer a wide range of online conveniences, including:

However, meeting these expectations isn’t easy, especially for healthcare providers that must balance the need to deliver better digital services with the imperative to protect sensitive customer data and meet stringent regulatory standards. That’s why Adobe is launching the Adobe Experience Cloud for Healthcare — to help the healthcare industry make the digital transformation it needs to serve all its customers.

At this year’s Adobe Summit on March 15-17, 2022, we’ll tell you more about the capabilities of Experience Cloud for Healthcare and how our earliest adopters are using it. And we’ll continue to share news and updates throughout the year.

Healthcare gets even more personal

Healthcare services are by their very nature personal. Customers need one-to-one digital support — and this is true both for patients who get direct services from healthcare organizations and providers served by life sciences and payor services firms. Delivering effective one-to-one interactions, however, requires organizations to know a lot about their customers — and this, in turn, means connecting data from fragmented, distributed data sources.

This is where Experience Cloud for Healthcare really shines. One of its core capabilities is a Real-Time Customer Data Platform (CDP) that allows organizations to collect customer data from multiple internal and external systems and stitch them together into unified customer profiles — all while maintaining HIPAA compliance. These customer profiles allow you to really understand what your customers need and take action in real-time. As a result, all your interactions will be more relevant and empathetic — and minimize the need for customers to repeat information.

Our sessions at Summit will include a deeper dive into this Real-Time CDP and how it can bring your customers into sharper focus so you can provide genuinely helpful personalized service.

It all starts at Adobe Summit

At this year’s Adobe Summit, the unique needs of the healthcare industry will be in the spotlight. Look for eight healthcare-specific sessions, a focus on healthcare in the first keynote address, and an announcement about the solution’s general release in May 2022.

Three weeks later, on April 12, 2022, we’ll host a webinar that will take a deeper dive into Adobe Experience Cloud for Healthcare. And you’ll be hearing more throughout the year as other Experience Cloud solutions become HIPAA-ready and accessible through Adobe Experience Cloud for Healthcare.

The realization of this healthcare solution has been a long time in the works. Our beta testing has included a year-long lighthouse program with several customers after countless hours of dedicated work by our development teams.

We can’t wait to unveil it all, but in the meantime, we invite you to check out this brief video on Adobe Experience Cloud for Healthcare.