Adobe Identity Management System (IMS) user management — Adobe Campaign Classic integration with Adobe Experience Cloud

Adobe Identity Management System (IMS) user management — Adobe Campaign Classic integration with Adobe Experience Cloud

Setting up multiple user roles and associating them with different products can be an exhausting task.

Imagine you’re driving through a city at rush hour, constantly maneuvering through traffic and struggling to keep up with multiple lanes and confusing road signs. Well, just like navigating through complex traffic, managing multiple identities — and authentication and authorization for different products — can be equally tiring and time-consuming. But Adobe has the solution for you. Acting like your traffic control center, Adobe Admin Console is a central hub for user access and control over Adobe products.

Brands can now deploy a powerful solution for managing users as Adobe Campaign introduces Admin Console support for Campaign instances and Adobe Identity Management System (IMS) based authentication. In this article, we will explore the key features of Adobe IMS, its benefits, and how it helps improve user management and enhance security.

What exactly is Adobe Identity Management System (IMS)?

Adobe has developed an IMS that provides a unified login experience across Adobe products and services. The Adobe IMS is a solution designed to manage user identities, authentication, and authorization in a secure and efficient manner. Its cloud-based architecture, support for industry-standard protocols, and powerful administrative tools make it an ideal choice for organizations looking to streamline user access and permissions.

What’s new with this Adobe IMS integration?

This IMS integration allows you to manage all Experience Cloud users in a single unified web console. It also provides a wide selection of administrative tools that make it easy for organizations to manage user accounts and permissions. This way, Adobe Campaign users can connect to the Campaign console using their Adobe ID.

The advantages of this integration include:

The user accounts let your users access all of their Adobe products and services, as user profile information is centralized in the Adobe IMS to be shared across all cloud services. This includes the ability to create and manage user groups and assign permissions to specific users or groups across Adobe products and services.

This level of granularity allows organizations to adjust access and permissions to their specific needs — ensuring that users only have access to the resources they need to do their job.

Any changes on Adobe Campaign?

Some changes are necessary to use this functionality. First, you need to upgrade to the latest build to be able to connect to Campaign after June 30, 2021. For those who have Campaign v8 instances, logging in to Campaign will only be allowed through IMS from the next release. From that point, Campaign will no longer be used for user creation.

Get started with configuration

The configuration is reserved for the Adobe technical administrators. These are prerequisites for getting started:

Adobe Professional Services can help brands enhance their Adobe user management

From Admin Console perspective, a new product profile needs to be created over the Adobe Campaign product on each instance to allow the Adobe IMS connection match with operator groups on Adobe Campaign.

So how does it work? The association mask field allows you to define the syntax, which will allow configuration names in Enterprise Dashboard to be synced with the groups in Adobe Campaign.

You should use the syntax “Campaign - tenant_id - (.*)” so the security group created in Adobe Campaign will be linked to the configuration name “Campaign - tenant_id - internal_name” in Enterprise Dashboard.

After the first connection, a new operator will be automatically created on the Adobe Campaign side with the association of the operator groups linked to the “Campaign - tenant_id - internal_name” in Enterprise Dashboard and Adobe Campaign.

With its advanced security features, the Adobe IMS is a valuable tool for any organization that relies on Adobe products and services. Our Adobe Professional Services team can assist you in setting up this enhancement to optimize your user management. Get in touch to learn more about how Adobe Professional Services can help you with your user journey.

Quentin Vial is a consultant in the Adobe Professional Services Team, helping brands implement better user management processes.